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The Good

Favoring to the minorities delinquents, with exotic incentive to its causes and its predicates. Because this increases the hearing? that it laments. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. To foment the indiscipline? the liberality together with the libertinism, as if this meant most modern of the human thoughts? wanting to vender disaggregation […]

September 24, 2019 in News
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Inclusive Education School

Today, the great challenge is the elaboration of one educational politics directed toward the establishment of a really inclusive, accessible school to all, independently of the differences that present, giving to them to the same possibilities of accomplishment social human being and. (PACHECO, 2006, p.20), One perceives thus the great difficulties that the pertaining to […]

August 13, 2019 in News
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Infantile Education

The game and trick as methodologies to the teach-learning of the child of 04 and 05 years in the infantile education the school is considered as a place to learn and to teach, more also is place to play, to play, to dance, to sing and etc. consecrated Authors affirm that to work the education […]

August 9, 2019 in News
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Special Education

What it can be offering for carrying children of mental deficiency and others? It will be that it is prepared to receive pupils special? The school must develop attitudes of attention with the arrival of any children its institution, are normal said children or special, the treatment to the shelter must the same be. Although, […]

November 6, 2018 in News
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The Work Market

For Yara Rocca it is not of today that I have received innumerable resumes from people who are the search of ‘ ‘ a place to sol’ ‘ in the work market. They meet at some moments of life and career. She has the students wanting to have its first chance. She has those that, […]

February 3, 2016 in News
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The Key To Wealth

You have the right of being rich. The dream of all the person human being is to obtain to accumulate much money or to make right in the mega-sena, to have the money enough to carry through all the dreams. But everybody can be rich, independent of what it even though makes or the work […]

January 29, 2016 in News
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The New Law

The humbug that hides the true situation of professionals and daily of the education, of the classrooms, very determines a great impediment in the evolution of the education. Thinking about this, in the brainstorming, we need joining in them in favor of the truth. Of the truth above all, that nor everything that if says […]

January 28, 2016 in News
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Educational ABC

However, the project of T& D is important organization to mensurar, to evaluate and to measure the degree of importance of that employee for the organization and also to know as and when the company must train its employees in order to keep motivated them to reach objectives and goals proposals. 3.2.8 Half of survey […]

January 27, 2016 in News
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The Education

Wilges 1994, when citing Plutarco, speaks that can find a city without walls, buildings, gymnasia, laws, without use of currencies as money, culture of the letters. But a people without religious Gods, conjunct, oaths, rites and sacrifices, such never saw itself. From this constatao, he will affirm Wilges 1994, the religious phenomenon as being a […]

January 25, 2016 in News
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Education: Formation Of Values

Formation of values Education To answer the following question: so that it serves the education 1? We understand that it serves, concept according to, so that the individual uses the acquired knowledge, applying them in the way where if it relates with the family, the school, church, sex, profession, of ethical form, creative and searching […]

January 21, 2016 in News
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