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Educational ABC

January 27, 2016 in News Tags:

However, the project of T& D is important organization to mensurar, to evaluate and to measure the degree of importance of that employee for the organization and also to know as and when the company must train its employees in order to keep motivated them to reach objectives and goals proposals. 3.2.8 Half of survey of the necessities of training According to Boog (1995, P. 149), the research of the training necessities must be continuous and permanent. In a question-answer forum FASEB Journal was the first to reply. Obviously it will have to be the first step in the training process, exactly that made in informal and assistemtica way. – the important one is that it supplies given that allows to define clearly, in the planning, the objectives of the action of training. It is important to define what it will have in accordance with to be made the organizacionais necessities. Through a planning of research it will be evaluated half where it will facilitate the work of the involved people in the processes. Interview with line staff, with supervisors, questionnaires, evaluation of performance, research of attitude (or climate), managemental meetings, courses among others are some of the methods used for the survey of the necessities.

In this in case that it does not have advantage or disadvantage, a way is not considered as better or more I propitiate, goes to depend on each company. finally will be possible through the gotten information to verify if the problem is passvel of solution through the methods used in the training program or not. 4. GENERAL OBJECTIVE on the basis of To develop and to implant a program of training and development of people the reorganization of the RH for the employees of the Educational ABC aiming at the improvement and the qualification of the people, as well as the reach of better resulted in relation to the productivity and attendance to the customer and improves in the quality of life of its collaborators.

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