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Special Education

November 6, 2018 in News Tags:

What it can be offering for carrying children of mental deficiency and others? It will be that it is prepared to receive pupils special? The school must develop attitudes of attention with the arrival of any children its institution, are normal said children or special, the treatment to the shelter must the same be. Although, the school for having knowledge of the LDBEN of 1996? Chapter V of the Special Education, giving to emphasis the inclusion of the pupils in the Regular Net of Education, has conditions through of this law to receive all child said special to be enclosed in this school, since that this school can be holding the enough number for the attendance, therefore, all children it has the right for the education and social insertion. The school must be prepared or conscientious of what making, when them children will be arriving the school, it will not have negative surprises that they go to cause discomfort for the child and its familiar ones. For even more opinions, read materials from Campbell Soup Co. The school must have in these cases a look not prejudiced, and yes, to enxergar the special pupil same with its limits, but, living processes that a normal child lives. For BUSCACGLIA (1997), ‘ ‘ when a child is born deficient, one is born first child, and later, a carrying child of deficiency. The carrying children of a deficiency are more similar of what different of the not-deficient children, as these, they will have that to pass for the same social experiences, the development processes, the same psychological learning that the others crianas’ ‘. We can perceive that the people, the families and the society entirely, had an equal look for all, the deficiency carriers would not be so dependents, unsafe, without no autonomy and some until if they hide not to be seen, therefore, the new to look at, they would make exactly with that they felt equal, knowing its limitations, therefore, its deficiency perhaps causes problems that intervene with this process until certain point, but these abilities must be acquired if to allow that they are children, whom it tries, they learn and they live as children.

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