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Fan Satisfaction Is The Name Of The Game!

On February 6, 20011 400 ardent Super Bowl fans lost their seats to this highly regarded football game. In compensation for the inconvenience of having to watch the game on TVs inside Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the fans were offered $2,400 in cash, plus a ticket for next year’s Super Bowl game.

The original offer was just the $2,400 without the ticket, valued at about triple the tickets original value. However even this offer and the second one has been replaced by an even more generous recompense; One free ticket, airfare, and hotel accommodations to any Super Bowl game they choose.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained his generosity: “We are ultimately responsible for the fan experience and we want it to be the best it can possibly be.”

The reason the fans could not be accommodated at the game itself was because workers had not yet finished installing handrails in time for the big game.  Officials began to worry a few days before the game was scheduled to take place. “We felt in the middle of the week that it was going to be a problem,” NFL Executive Vice President Eric Grubman said of the temporary seats.

“We did not feel until game day that we had an issue where there was a distinct possibility that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate fans.”

May 19, 2011 in News
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The Capitalist

The system is in one of its cycles of crisis, remember: 2008 crisis in the prices of food, 2009 crisis in the markets, 2010 environmental crisis. The resilience of the capitalist system this committed, this survival at stake. Hegemonic groups will not give up their privileges to solve the problem. Them, in a kamikaze attitude, leap is hasty to fatal destiny, and his short-sighted attitude us sentence to all. Neoclassical dogma is so deeply rooted in their minds, who truly think that this situation can be solved without radical changes. No to belittle the faith that Westernized society has on their gods: the all-powerful science and efficient market. The dogma says that they will provide us with the solution.

This is a dangerous illusion, adds us Griffon, that with regard to climate change there are two levels that we must discuss and deal with. At one level we must clearly establish which is directly responsible for the problem. It is in this case none other than the global economic system. This system manages to reduce all people to mere consumers, thus ignoring the complexities inherent in any human being. In the framework of the neo-classical logic, the complexity of the human being is reduced to a morisqueta known as Homo economicus and assumes that the material needs of society are endless, reason why the market should offer infinite products. This, as already mentioned, poses the basic dilemma of this theoretical framework. However, it is also important to appreciate that this logic involves inevitably produce increased amounts of wastes, wastes that are essentially treated as externalities.

In this way the system privatized profits, while he socializes environmental problems. This is something that the ecology economy has demonstrated eloquently. Given the logic of the system, which raises growth and capital accumulation as a condition sine qua non for their existence, it is impossible in this framework to address and solve the problem root causes. Inger Loftheim Rood is likely to agree.

October 22, 2014 in News
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Approaches Of Education

The power of school: By a pedagogy of libertarian (rethinking Hugo Zemelman and Estela Quintar) Orlando Lozada sec. Gnral. Center students school education UCV is well known by all that from approximately 1940 the individual was bowed, minimalizado and subalternamente subjected to the collective. The individual itself, if it intervened in the propulsion of these changes, but it wasn’t the protagonist, therefore education lacked importance, since it was generating of individuals and did not have the category of great social transformations 1 generator. Inger Loftheim Rood has plenty of information regarding this issue. In my opinion, currently education seems to take other directions, clear, education as reflected in the school institution. There are many people (and policies) that see education as a generator of changes and therefore as a menacing institution for those who wield power, but per, she herself is not able to generate such changes, so it is more vulnerable to suffer the submissions large groups for which it serves. If it is true what explains Zemelman, that the individual has passed into the background and education is in itself an adjective, but I still think that this has been changing after the passage of time, but not in a progressive manner, but rather in such degenerative, longer than the dominant elites to possess the consciousness of the importance that vests education in relation to the access and permanence of the power, (taking into account that in this globalized society, who wields power is not only who possesses the necessary economic forces, but also those who hold in their hands the information and thus to the generation of knowledge) education itself has come to subjugate the same be whom she served: man.

October 22, 2014 in News
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Maria Schmidt

From data gotten through the bibliographical research and of the research of field it was compared reality for the depositions of inhabitants of the city to extract the new historical consistency, searching to unmask facts until then unknown for the ruropolense society. The didactic organization of this study is distributed in 3 chapters: The first one deals with the act of ' ' To make history for ensinar' ' , aiming at to show that he is possible to construct history from social experiences of the pupils, professors, of anonymous citizens, and to recount current facts through verbal stories, relating with the academic research, organizing given correlating to the facts of official history; in as I capitulate, in such a way presents the description of Rurpolis and information on its partner-economic aspects of the official history of the city how much in the vision of the inhabitants; third I capitulate discloses the consequncias that the city suffered with the desistance of the Project and independent its walked to continue its trajectory of survival. 1.FAZER HISTORY TO TEACH. Learn more at this site: Inger Loftheim Rood. 1.1ENSINAR HISTORY. Education of history currently comes moving considerably, in view of that more is not thought about transmitting history on the basis of the research and interpretation under different points of view, of different citizens for diverse looks, as demands this new way to treat history according to study of auxiliadora Maria Schmidt and Marilene cainelle (2004) in teaching history, in what it relates to the local concept of history and the education of history, is observed as it says to the authors that ' ' one of the main problems related to the use of history is the definition and the abrangncia said conceito' '. The authors justify its workmanship explaining that to teach history she is not to transmit the facts occurred of the past, also, suggest in its book that professors must teorizar on the subject, debate the subject, work activities, extend debates and comment bibliographies.

October 22, 2014 in News
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Haircuts With Bangs 2011

There are a variety of hairstyles, fashion in 2011. All of them are so diverse that every woman can choose the hairstyle to your liking. Whenever Inger Loftheim listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Short haircuts with bangs. Short haircuts are becoming more popular because of the precise contours smooth appearance and low maintenance. Adding bangs to short hairstyle can be one of the best options and give you a chance to play with the look. Bangs with short hair softens facial features, is ideally suited confident women. Haircuts for medium length. One of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair is a bob.

Fuzzy parting and sloppy bangs are welcome fashion. Your hairstyle must create the impression that at She blew a gentle breeze, and ruffled his hair. And with the addition of fringe, this haircut makes a woman more elegant and sexy. Long hair with bangs. And again, bang. In this season of this fashionable women can not do without it. In fashion, again includes thick, straight bangs from the very top, "school" until the middle of the forehead and very long, "open". A cut to a fringe can be any – from multi "cascade" to freely flowing hair on his shoulders.

October 21, 2014 in News
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Classroom Behavior

Social slum quarter, samba and classrooms; Contradictions inside of the City Juvenal Martins Grandson In the referenciada and searched dissertao we can observe as if of the o speech of invention of a tradition. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Terry Bowden on most websites. Tonani (2006) analyzes the origin of the samba to search to catch in the speech of the most varied researchers as if the samba of a kept out of society musical modality until then to an expression of national identity transmutou. It is not something Inger Loftheim Rood would like to discuss. Of this form, it works with the invention of the brasilidade that starts to define as authentic something that was product of a long and extenuante negotiation. Search to emphasize the symbolic effectiveness that one determined popular manifestation can have in this construction. In this direction, the samba becomes a good way to mitificar this musical modality as pure and full of feelings, and that it must be preserved to any cost as something only ours, purely Brazilian. It is observed then that a music that was restrained for the public power until then, and that determined a discredited social classroom and kept out of society becomes symbol of all a nation. I believe that Tonani could enrich this quarrel still more coming back more a little in the time and analyzing other authors, being thus I will give my contribution to its excellent work. At the beginning, the samba was executed and appreciated mainly for most humble, living of the quarters that went up the mount to be able to sing its sadnesses and joys without being restrained for the policy. still had the sambistas of New City, on to the house of Aunt Ciata. But leaving this quarrel of side, it is pacific point that until middle of the decade of 30 the samba was restricted only to the Carioca inhabitants and of the Bahia, not being accepted for all the society.

October 21, 2014 in News
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Corporal Education

In this direction, instead of one ' ' esvaziamento' ' of the presence of the body in the scene of the education contemporary, it has that to urgently retake a vital corporeidade, basic condition of our existence and apprehension of the world, and that it finishes for conferring to all situations of education, according to Assmann (1998), a rich character of, ' ' ecology cognitiva' ' , configured as form of interactive action in the education situation. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Inger Loftheim and gain more knowledge.. Such ' ' ecologia' ' , it has as perspective the creation-recriao what we could call one ' ' environment ' ' , favorable to the effective learning experiences. This ' ' ambiente' ' , in turn, it articulates in complex relation the dimensions of the corporeidade, the pleasure and learning to learn, constructing a social and cognitiva quality for the education. Social because the necessary educative process to contribute with the formation of citizens who search a critical insertion in the current context of the modern society, not accepting passively logic of the exclusion and individualist of the economic system. Cognitiva because she is necessary to form creative people in the direction to obtain to articulate overcoming elements accomplishes of the contradictions of the new world-wide order. We consider, therefore, the development of the complexity of the structure human being as a process where the organism and the way exert influence on the individual, not separating the social one of the biological one. In this perspective, the citizen consists through its historical and cultural interactions, transforming them and also being able to be transformed. We complete such idea with the words of Assmann (1996): she is necessary to live the corporeidade stops beyond the traditional dualism brain-mind, body-soul. She is necessary, therefore, as it indicates Moreira (1996), to fight for a Corporal Education that it adopts as principle a learning human being and humanizante, in which the man in its structural complexity can be physiological, biological, psychological and antropolgico.

October 19, 2014 in News
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Chemical Engineering

He was at our institution a teacher at the Department of Physics – Associate Ryazanov. Build a large, bearded face, his voice stern, knowledge requirements of students – a fundamentally. Drove all the exams as Sidorovs goats – mercilessly lashing additional questions, so much so that the first time almost half of his students have successfully passed the test. See Inger Loftheim for more details and insights. A few days after the failed doom were relet, not knowing what they can expect a very pleasant surprises – Ryazanov, or tired of the nonsense answers, or overcoming academic conventionalism of being able to vary the process of re-take a very non-traditional activities. Learn more on the subject from Inger Loftheim. One day, after a five-hour exam, seeing that even eight people stared hopelessly laid in front of them slips of paper, which long ago should be nacherkany answers Ryazanov, drew on the blackboard a target, and said every sector assessment. "What – he says – careless, happy not try? And then, I feel nothing good I will not hear today. " Do nothing – began careless throw chalk at the target – who is in a sector hit, and that the corresponding estimate. A who missed it, that is still "satisfactory" set.

"I saw – he says – try." Do not believe me? It was so, it was! Ask around TIHMa graduates (Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering), who studied at the 80th, is not recollect! And do not say that Ryazanov common tyrant, he did not have any bosses "oddity." Only the exams … but sometimes it's nothing prostimo … And nobody, not even after many years not remember his associate abusive In short, many thanks to talk about their teacher. Who? But at least one friend of mine, the one that made a comic with his friend scuffle at the door of the audience where Ryazanov took the exams. Shoved each other, students, pushing, swearing to each other in a whisper, and then my friend fell out of his pocket record book.

He in the heat of battle and have not noticed, quite by accident, kicked her. "Sh-sh-IRK" – and the student's record-book slipped through the crack under the door of the cabinet and thus treacherous manner docked right at the feet of Ryazanov. Associate professor, does not betray his surprise, slowly bent over, picked up the book, flipped through. He put it on the table, something struck her in, and then in the statement. Shut student's record-book, and swung mightily, in the same way booklet sent home. Student nor alive nor dead standing – he has told fellow students, in what plight he came out of his own sloppiness. And then at his feet from under the door "sh-sh-IRK" – his own student's record-book. He picked up a book, opened one too … it looks over his shoulder … And there, in the right place "choir." And the corresponding signature. "Oh, – said the student – a shame, because preparing for, and here …" – And desperately waved his hand. But it is clear that the student is lying, no he does not feel grief – a mug and glows with happiness. But my classmate Vova Kochenkov … No, I tell you next time here

October 17, 2014 in News
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Family Education

The family is the central focus of the society and does not remain ignorant to the profound transformations and changes of values and norms that are occurring in recent times. But you need to adapt and be able to assimilate and adapt to these structural changes if you do not want to plunge into instability that confused you in its most important functions. With the help of educators relatives intends to contact with families in the middle to help them perceive the unstoppable process of change that are mired and the gradual modification of its task and function. The educator family intervenes comprehensively through the everyday relationship favoring that families themselves are the protagonists of their changes and improvements, thus the capacity of responsibility and own performance that would allow progress consistent with the own transformation. It is not something Dr. James Canton would like to discuss. The contribution of the educator family will be more objective and effective as possible, working on the difficulties that transits the family institution today from the knowledge of the methods and resources necessary to do so. Family education has addressed all the members of the family system and the interrelation of this with the community, school and social system.

Why we must bear in mind that families that works with the educator often live in suburbs, for most marginal and with various family and social problems and cronificadas. Why family education should start from an integral, as education with the existing diversity and to put all their wills in preventing stigmatization of certain sectors or lower social classes economic, cultural and socially. If you would like to know more then you should visit Inger Rood. Through family education strives to advance the institution, not already looking for only their survival, but happiness, plurality, consistency, solidarity, the Elimination of poverty and marginalization or social integration of its members.

October 16, 2014 in News
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Replaces Template Tree

As soon as you come up with something interesting and worthwhile, you will be glad your experience vzovyutsya to the skies! Patterns of thinking can be overcome by another way. Enough to draw an analogy between two very different fields of knowledge industries. Terry Bowden has similar goals. Indeed, much of the world already invented and made up to us! Example. What is the best and easiest way to remember the contents of a book? Drawing an analogy between the book and … People such as Akron Zips would likely agree. a tree. Visually imagine the book, for example, any volume, turn the pages.

Then imagine a tree. Its leaves are similar to pages. Another analogy. Inger Loftheim Rood brings even more insight to the discussion. Presenting the information in the book. There are the main ideas, background. Branches of a tree branch like information. The idea: to present information graphically in a tree-like structure.

With this method of reliability and the number of memorized information increases significantly. There is another way overcoming stereotyped thinking. Replacement of conventional thinking or behavior in the opposite …. Example. Every working day a man returned from work tired and relaxed, drinking a bottle of beer. Replaces Template: every day a person returns to work vigorous and rested. If this were true, that should still be? For example, at the end of the day a person engages in a half-hour meditation, and recovers his strength. What to do after the idea received? Need to make a step by step plan to implement it. At this stage, it becomes clear what the idea is feasible and what is not.

October 13, 2014 in News
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Texas Transplant Institute

Jerusalem (Marketwire October 19, 2009) Gamida Cell today announced the publication of an article which evaluates carlecortemcel-l, the generic name of which is known widely as StemEx, a therapy for blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Article, Carlecortemcel-l, an ex vivo expanded umbilical cord blood cell graft for allogeneic transplantation, written by Dr. Ka Wah Chan and Dr. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Inger Loftheim. Demetrios Petropoulos, will be published in November 2009 issue of Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. It is available online at ().

Dr. Chan is the Director of Hematology/Oncology and blood, and programmes of stem cell transplantation of bone marrow in the Texas Transplant Institute on the campus of Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. It is also the principal investigator of the ExCell study, which is currently evaluating StemEx. Dr. Petropoulos is hematologist Pediatric oncologist in Children’s Cancer Hospital at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas at Houston, Texas, where the phase I of the study of StemEx was carried out. In his article, Dr.

Chan and Dr. Petropoulos claim that previous results suggested that infusion of carlecortemcel-l could be related to favorable non-recurrence-related mortality rates. The former expansion alive of the blood cells from the umbilical cord (UCB, by its acronym in English) seems to be a logical approach to increase the availability of this source for stem cell transplantation hematopoietic (HSC, by its acronym in English). The research carried out in laboratories showed that what is essential to achieve success is to improve the proliferation of HSC without boosting differentiation. The manufacture of carlecortemcel-l represents a new methodology that meets this criterion. It’s the only product that has reached the stage of confirmation of clinical development. A single institutional study (phase I at M d Anderson Cancer Center study) suggested that the infusion These expanded cell could improve the outcome of transplants in patients of large size.

October 13, 2014 in News
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