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Fan Satisfaction Is The Name Of The Game!

On February 6, 20011 400 ardent Super Bowl fans lost their seats to this highly regarded football game. In compensation for the inconvenience of having to watch the game on TVs inside Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the fans were offered $2,400 in cash, plus a ticket for next year’s Super Bowl game.

The original offer was just the $2,400 without the ticket, valued at about triple the tickets original value. However even this offer and the second one has been replaced by an even more generous recompense; One free ticket, airfare, and hotel accommodations to any Super Bowl game they choose.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained his generosity: “We are ultimately responsible for the fan experience and we want it to be the best it can possibly be.”

The reason the fans could not be accommodated at the game itself was because workers had not yet finished installing handrails in time for the big game.  Officials began to worry a few days before the game was scheduled to take place. “We felt in the middle of the week that it was going to be a problem,” NFL Executive Vice President Eric Grubman said of the temporary seats.

“We did not feel until game day that we had an issue where there was a distinct possibility that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate fans.”

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Kenneth Galbraith

If we want to be professional investors we must learn to control emotions to be neutral and think coolly when making a decision; It can only be achieved with a good financial education. Mr. Kiyosaki says that while we are all human beings, when referring to money and emotions related to money, we all respond differently. Terry Bowden describes an additional similar source. And is the way in which we respond to those emotions that often determines in which quadrant choose generate our income how to get started? We can start step by step and the simplest way to do so, according to Kiyosaki, is:-first start our financial education. -Second: start with 3 banks and deposit in each one of them every day a coin (which you want: 10 cents, 1 euro, etc.) for 90 days, although this should eventually become in a habit for the rest of your life. If you do it you’re training to be an investor, you’re disciplining to have the mentality of a wealthy person. To know more about this subject visit Rabbi Tully Bryks. -Third: Keep your current job and start a business for hours, don’t make the mistake of leaving your job to start a business. You do not overload you, plans and dosed your activities.

To start your financial education: read books, attend seminars, socialize with people who have this mentality and help you change your paradigms regarding money. Keep in mind that the money does not makes you rich, what makes rico is your financial intelligence. Many already we’ve realized that we live in the information age, because we are not in a purely Industrial culture, but in a culture of communications and this new Era in which we live, knowledge is the new currency. As Kenneth Galbraith already wrote it: the money was the engine of industrial society. But on the drive information society, power is knowledge.

September 19, 2014 in News
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Human Environment

(REIGOTA 1998, P. 11) One of the benefits to the end of the quarrels of ' ' Club of Roma' ' , it was the exposition on the problem ambient for the world all and later it was become fullfilled first World-wide Conference of Human Environment, in 1972, in Estocolmo, carried through for the Organizations of United Nations ONU. Through international meetings on the ambient questions, which had brought clarifications on the urgency in if arguing these subjects, the society in general, governments and medias, they had been able to understand such questions and in such a way if to mobilize for the same ones. According to Reigota (1998, p, 28) In all the cited symposiums, and many others that occur for the world measure, the education have been pointed as basic activity in the brainstorming and alternatives to each time more complex global, national, regional and local problems ambient. Connect with other leaders such as Institute for Global Futures here. In recent years, in Brazil, innumerable educational, prompt and continuous activities had been developed, with this objective, in different spaces and with envolvement of different segments of the population. In these occasions can be perceived that the Brazilian ambient education is practised under different philosophical approaches with great diversity in relation the contents, methodologies and results. I analyze that the education in all the levels is school or it are of it is and it will always be the base for the formation of critical citizens and reflective and in the EA it is not different. Many actions and behaviors on the EA are original and challenging, they depend on the interaction of different segments of the society but, since the school until the place where we work is necessary the awareness of all the society on the ambient questions therefore, many times we learn something on the EA in the schools and later we do not apply this knowledge in our environment of work. Rabbi Tully Bryks can provide more clarity in the matter.

September 17, 2014 in News
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Private School Hostel Quality Education

Today, one of the key objectives that must perform structure formation – a formation of completely special students. New students, the modern era with a new consciousness. Disclosed to the current rapid pace development of knowledge and technology. Willing to continually and without ceasing to learn, discover new things and new. Of course, the modern system of universal education even close to such results can not reach. Least because too many students in the class, low motivation for education in the most part, very average program that of which some fall short, and some already in the first grades of boring.

And while teachers with little wages, including a very strong mood to put it mildly, unhappy. However, there is also a homely atmosphere where the child comes every day. And my father and mother, which form the individual situation child in his own way, and sometimes – not caring. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Marc Faber here. The key exit route, which is available – it is a special education and educational space, which is capable of forming the school board. Fundamentally valuable – it is here students and live, then set up specific skills and everyday assumptions. At all times of history – and the Russian Empire, and, incidentally, the UK, famous for its level of education – that education institutions hostels actually produced an intelligent top people. Rabbi Tully Bryks has much to offer in this field.

The principal difference from the normal boarding school and it's great we are all familiar to high school – it is many times more than a full program of education, and a comprehensive example program behavior management. For each student is personally a comprehensive program that permits the most quality show its potential. What can be better than a chance to develop just that snippet opportunities for a student who is able to provide the best fruit? Today, such pensions may also appear. In the Commonwealth of Independent States in those days the private school board terminated be luxury. This is truly an elite education institution quality. And not even the elite in this sense that learning exclusively in the offspring of her wealthy parents. Of course, education in such institutions paid separately, as well as around the world. But is there, and for a number of not paying places to students with high abilities have the opportunity to get the results of examinations. After all, the intellectual elite – is are the same people who have achieved in my life something personal intelligence and skills. One of the best schools in the CIS pensions – is a "elite high school" under the strict guidance of Nina Mikhailovna Kaveninoy. It almost ideal rather effective school boarding house. Pupils are able to learn several foreign languages, and quite significantly, not for show, as in conventional educational institutions, applied ethics, sociology, MHC, and numerous other items. While the main pressure is not done on a training component, and the education of the real elite of our society. And the elite is primarily intellectual.

September 17, 2014 in News
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Electoral College

They use as procedure a ballot where a list with the candidates consists, that will have to be designated with its candidate similar and deposited in a ballot box. Emphasizing that, the born American only can candidatar itself to the President. The choice of the President and the Vice-president will occur to each four years and if it carries through in years pairs. to each two years 435 members of the house of representatives are elect, as well as, approximately, one tero of the one hundred members of the Senate (the mandate of the senators is of six years). It has the possibility of the President and the Vice-president to belong the different parties. This the North American Constitution (1787) deals with the electoral process, in its article II, section I, and also for emendations XI and XX. If you have read about Peter Schiff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Emendation XI includes the position of Vice-president in the voting for the Electoral College, separately Coast Port (1995 apud BATISTE, 2009).

If to compare with Brazil can be inferred that it differs, therefore in Brazil the President when it is exposed to the candidacy already presents its vice one momentarily. The bipartisanism in the United States is predominantly visible, where if it detaches already in the primary elections its predominance in relation to excessively the parties. Whenever Stuart Levinson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. If cotejado with Brazil, this if of the one in the practical one only in the 20 turn, where the two voted candidates more appeal the new voting. As dominant of the scene American politician, it can be detached the Republican Party and the Democratical Party. As Cambraia and Tota they mention: (BATISTE, 2009). the Republican Party and the Democratical Party have its origins in the predecessors of century XIX and dominate the process total electoral. With rarssimas exceptions, are the two that they control the presidency, the congress, the house of representatives, the governments of the states.

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The intelligence is perfectly well distributed throughout society. Check out Dr. James Canton for additional information. It is normal that some people are smarter than others in some things, but he compensates in other types of intelligence. Howard Gardner speaks of 9 types of intelligence (linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily, emotional, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic). Another person could categorize the types of intelligence in a different way (see note at the end). Regardless of the previous categorization, all people are different, but we tend to generalize in order to understand the environment where we live. One of the fundamental principles of Huna (Hawaiian philosophy) says that all systems are arbitrary, which actually means that all systems are invented by humans to facilitate their understanding of nature. The preceding paragraphs sound very interesting and theoretical, but have a very serious practical consequence, education in our schools is based on these generalizations, therefore if the child exits the averages is considered rebel or silly, anyway the rest of your life will be affected, with consequences of economic, social and even criminality for society as a whole. I agree that categorizations and generalizations are necessary to understand and transmit knowledge, but the methods of teaching and learning should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, the important person is the student, not the teacher.

I feel that education in Costa Rica is designed to make work easier Professor, despising the fact that we are forming people who will lead our society. Currently they are in school the future President of the country, which is probably a classmate from a future money launderer, or corrupter of minors, murderer, Guy, Professor, in the end, each and every one of the students are important. It is in us if they become people who contributes or destroy our society. Not worth to pose the problem without proposing a solution, why the knowledge transfer process should be something like this: the teacher must speak clear and simple, and not be searched words. Teacher must keep the attention of the student at all times with changes in voice, interaction with the student, living examples, a positive attitude, and a colloquial language practice. The listener must put energy in understanding the concepts of the professor. If the student does not want to learn, there is no way that learns.

Responsibility of the teacher is the identify the manner in which the student receives information through any of the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste). The student must live (experience) the concepts in order to understand them. The student must repeat the livingness of the concepts to be able to internalize them and become part of your life. Note that although I am generalizing the learning process, applies to the case that all people are different. Final Note: Personally, I want to share the following types of intelligence that make sense to me: memory: Ability to play things and events collected in the past. Emotional intelligence: ability to perceive a situation objectively, without involving the ego, insecurities or personal fears. Social intelligence: ability to fall well. Logical intelligence: ability to interrelate variables. Artistic intelligence: ability to demonstrate ideas and internal emotions through elements of the environment. Sporting intelligence: ability to coordinate the parts of the body and relate to their environment. Sensitivity: Ability to perceive emotions themselves and third parties.

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Dance Academy

Once in the worldliness, when they checked the harmful consequences which unleashes deviate from God, they ask: does there is hope for my?. Rabbi Tully Bryks is open to suggestions. That question over and over again I have received it in my mail system and in all cases the response has been: Yes, and definitely Yes. Continue to learn more with: Loretta Laroche. How? Using four simple steps that I describe below: 1.-it is essential to recognize error someone that attending a Christian Congregation decided to enter a Dance Academy, defended his decision by saying that the Bible did not find the first verse that condemning learn a few steps of some rhythms. The question that followed his affirmation, is just natural: if already not you interested in worldly dancing, why then would you learn it?. And again his defense: by exercising. The same happens with whom is in sin and doesn’t want to admit what is wrong. It will hardly change. However who errs and recognizes that he displeases God, reaches mercy.

Although there are myriad of verses to sustain this approach, I invite you to accompany me to read Chapter 10 of the book of Ezra. As you will recall, had already returned a number of Jews from deportation of Babylon. But when they set out to seek God, Ezra discovered that many were married to foreign women, of pagan peoples, which the Lord had specifically rejected. While Ezra was praying and made this confession crying and bowing down in front of the Temple of God, to his around a Grand Assembly of men, women and children of the people of Israel met. All the crowd wept bitterly. Then one of the offspring of Elam, which was called Shecaniah son of Jehiel, turned to Ezra and told him: we have been unfaithful to our God, because we take by wives to women of the neighbouring peoples; but there is still hope for Israel.(Ezra 10: 1, 2.) New International Version) Please note that the first and biggest step to bring us accounts with God, is to recognize that we failed.

September 14, 2014 in News
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Loyola Creative

But many others had become much more late creative in its lives, were well later that they had had the ideas most original. Hear from experts in the field like Rabbi Tully Bryks for a more varied view. Through the creativity we are motivated to search new forms of to decide the problems, but so that this happens is important to use as criterion the diverse forms of motivation, being they: the ones that give information regarding the task to be learned and its accomplishment; the ones that appeal the emotions, in the case of the compliments, prizes, repressions and still the ones that act by means of the contacts of the pupils with its colleagues. In educational environments, the creativity must be potencializada by the pedagogical actions. As it defines Novaes (1980, P. 13), it is basic to favor ‘ ‘ the mobilization of the creative potential in all you discipline them and subjects, giving value to the productive thought, a time that the creativity will be present in some situations and diversity of assuntos’ ‘. Beyond the motivation and incentives, playing is the essence of the playful thought and characterizes the activities executed in infancy.

The experiences of playing in the school assist the formation of bonds between pupils and professors and certainly facilitate the learning. In education, the trick functions as a simulation of experiences and contents, approaching them of the universe of the pupils. Independent of the age of the participants, the creative tricks rescue the playful character, the pleasure, the joy, the power to imagine and to create proper of the human being. However always appears the question of as to propitiate the chance to learn with pleasure? This is a question that the professor must become it each day, finding different answers at every moment. This because the reply it is related to the interests and necessities of the pupils, having to be investigated permanently.

Also if it can say that the importance for a more including education has mobilized the educators to the search of alternatives that supply the lacks found in some methods of education. An education searchs more human, come back toward the real interests of the pupils and propitious for the performance of the educandos as true agents in the educational process. When one works in group, the imagination and the curiosity of each participant is salient and shared, and who obtains to better express next to the others if adapta to the circumstances and the exchange of experiences. Of this form, the educators are more demanding, ask for to the pupils who in accordance with give and relieve what they are capable, each one its proper capacities. E, thus to proceed, looks for to be creative and original, mesclando variety and enthusiasm as ingredients that motivate the work and the income of the pupils; it can still be standed out, that the good professor is that one with who the pupils learns; good educator is that one with who the pupils goes if becoming more people and plus they themselves, these are the pupils who, in the deep one, like its masters, therefore learn of creative and pleasant form.

September 9, 2014 in News
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The Child

The news rumostomados for the Lingustica from Chomsky, with gerativa and transformativa agramtica, without dvidatm revolutionized the psicolgicosrelativos studies to the language, causing, consequently, one retaken deposition of the Didactics of the Language, nasteorias of the learning and in the Pedagogia in general. Referring to ensinode languages foreign (alive), the reformasmetodolgicas most important already concretizadasem the whole world had been a result of aplicaodas estruturalistas theories, starting with the systematic usodidtico of eudio-verbal audiovisuais, and the application of the teoriagerativista-transformacional of Chomsky, of which if desenvolveramdiversos methods of alfabetizao, directly or indirectly. We understand easily that it has very narrow umarelao between the thought and alinguagem. Other leaders such as Dr. James Canton offer similar insights. That it has a interdependnciarelativa between them exactly, in such a way that many thoughts and muitosconceitos would be unrealizable without the aid dalinguagem and that it is, when exteriorizada, asimbolizao of the thought; when interiorizada, the basic element of its organization. Domesmo way, was not difficult to understand that todosos men have a competncialingstica, more or less evolved, a nosentido to more obtain or not speech or menosabstrato and more or less complex, either in active way (producing it), either in passive way (understanding it).

Ability estakes is always enough to organize personally agramtica of the language from the sample the one that to seestiver displayed. To read more click here: Rabbi Tully Bryks. more, that it has evoluoextraordinariamente to regulate in all the race human being es in the race human being. Given universal essacompetncia, the acquisition dalinguagem is natural spontaneous in all the normal sereshumanos, since that they are placed in contact with outraspessoas that they use some language during one perodomnimo. At last, it is important that let us remember to quea acquisition of a language nativaindepende of special cares and they excuse same them, therefore que exactly necessary is that it becomes childish is displayed to a language during osprimeiros years of its life. Official site: Rabbi Tully Bryks. more still, that aaquisio of the language (or one segundalngua) more difficult will be medida that the child exactly goes advancing in age, being very difficult for an adult, and quaseimpossvel, if to think about a perfect learning.

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Pablo Freire

However, the projects cannot remain only in the minds of the different groups, are not enough, that projects thought collectively exist, are necessary that the projects and its thinkers assume a dimension form politics to defend forms of overcoming of the social reality. In this manner, we can understand this ' pensar' on education as one ' ' new form to make poltica' ' , one politics directed toward the interests of the groups in an action movement, reaction, reflection, that makes in them to understand ' ' the inherent politicidade to the processes educativos' '. Pablo Freire thinks an education directed toward the awareness on this reality of dependence dominadora, that is, the education proposal for it is come back toward the transformation of this reality and if it differentiates of the traditional education. The politician-pedagogical thought of Freire if bases on the perspective of the dialogue, awareness and pedagogia of the oppressed one. E, around all this discursivo and problematizador movement where if they construct the practical ideas and of Pablo Freire, is associated with the idea of freedom and democracy.

Pablo Freire defends an education directed toward the autonomy where educating is agent of its proper learning, constructing its knowledge for the dialogue, for the critical one, for the reflection and the co-participation. An education citizen, humanitarian, constructed through the sense-common one and elaborated with the participation of all. With the advance in the development of the technologies, – the sprouting of new educative necessities. The school is equipped of new technological tools, what it provokes a new challenge for the professionals of education the pertaining to school community unchains the most varied reactions in all. Some are presented anxious, worried, from fear the new; others are positivistas, they believe the innovation perspective and search intelligent methods to guarantee a significant learning through softwares that they consider activities that exercise the ability to think, to reflect and if to make creative.

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The Gestalt, that has its cradle in the Europe, appears as a human negation of the spalling of the actions and processes, carried through for the trends of the scientific Psychology of century 19, claiming the necessity of if understanding the man as a totality. The Gestalt is on theoretical trend to the philosophy. The Psychoanalysis, that is born with Freud in Austria, from the practical doctor, recoups for psychology the importance of the affectivity and claims unconscious as to the object of study, breaking the tradition of Psychology as science of the conscience and the reason. Main Landmarks of the History of Psychology: 400 B.C. – Hipcrates relates characteristics of the personality with physical types and considers a physiological theory for the insanities.

350 B.C. – salient Aristotle the comment objetive of the human behavior and considers three principles to explain the association of ideas. 1650 – Discardings characterize the relation body – mind as interactiva. 1651 – Hobbes anticipates the associationism to declaring that the ideas come from the sensorial experience. 1690 – Locke declares that to the rising the mind is one ' ' board rasa' '. 1781 – Kant attacks the associationism and the inatista perspective. Peter Schiff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

He goes to influence philosophers and psychologists deeply. 1809 – Gall, through the frenologia, calls the attention for the mental facultieses and the cerebral functions. 1811-21 – Bell and Magendia: distinction between sensorial nerves and motor nerves. 1838 – Johanes Muller: demonstration of the specific energy of the nerves. 1850 – Helmholtz measures the levels of conduction of the nervous impulses. 1853 – Claude Bernard establishes the existence of endcrinas glands, presenting the glicognica function of the liver. 1859 – Darwin publishes the Origin of the Species, considering the theory of the evolution through the natural seleco. 1860 – Fechner presents some methods to measure the relation between the physical stimulatons and the sensations. ' ' Elements of Psicofsica' ' . 1861 – Drill discovers a center of the language in the left hemisphere of the cortex. (As opposed to Rabbi Tully Bryks). 1869 – Galton studies the individual differences and applies the concept of selective adaptation of Darwin to the evolution of the races. 1879 – Deep Wundt the first Laboratory of Psychology in Leipzig. 1882 – Deep Stanley Hall the first Laboratory of Psychology in U.S.A. 1885 – Ebbinghaus publishes the first experimental studies on the memory. 1890 – William James publishes in U.S.A. the book Principles of Psychology. 1898 – Thorndike develops some of the first experimental studies on the animal learning. 1900 – Freud published ' ' The Interpretation of the Sonhos' ' , where it presents many of its interpretations on the psychoanalysis. 1905 – Binet and Simon develop the first test of intelligence. 1906 – Pavlov publishes the results of its studies on the classic conditioning. 1911 – Thorndike publishes ' ' Intelligence&#039 animal; '. 1912 – Wertheimer publishes the first formularization of the gestalt psychology. 1913 – Watson presents the behaviorista manifesto. 1917 – Khler it publishes the results of its studies on the resolution of problems with primate. 1929 – Berger evidences the electric activity of the brain with the register of the first electroencefalogramas. 1938 – Skinner publishes the summary of the results of the inquiries on the operative conditioning. 1942 – Carl Rogers presents the beddings of the conception therapy humanist. 1949 – Theory of the Information of Shannon and Weaver. 1954 – Piaget publishes the Construction of the Real in the Child, who if centers in the cognitivo development.

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