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Fan Satisfaction Is The Name Of The Game!

On February 6, 20011 400 ardent Super Bowl fans lost their seats to this highly regarded football game. In compensation for the inconvenience of having to watch the game on TVs inside Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the fans were offered $2,400 in cash, plus a ticket for next year’s Super Bowl game.

The original offer was just the $2,400 without the ticket, valued at about triple the tickets original value. However even this offer and the second one has been replaced by an even more generous recompense; One free ticket, airfare, and hotel accommodations to any Super Bowl game they choose.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained his generosity: “We are ultimately responsible for the fan experience and we want it to be the best it can possibly be.”

The reason the fans could not be accommodated at the game itself was because workers had not yet finished installing handrails in time for the big game.  Officials began to worry a few days before the game was scheduled to take place. “We felt in the middle of the week that it was going to be a problem,” NFL Executive Vice President Eric Grubman said of the temporary seats.

“We did not feel until game day that we had an issue where there was a distinct possibility that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate fans.”

May 19, 2011 in News
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Social Individual

In the laws of dialectical development of social systems and non-social is a very important difference. Deviation from equilibrium of any non-social system at once, automatically leads to the birth of the "struggle" aimed at addressing this imbalance. Deviation from equilibrium is the social system does not lead to an automatic birth of "struggle", as resolution of social contradictions of the dialectical always mediated form of consciousness of individuals, classes, nations and states, consciousness, organize and control the resolution of social contradictions. Connect with other leaders such as TalkTo here. For example, if a deviation from the equilibrium state of the system "Need – to work" (dialectical form of development which is the individual consciousness), that with the production needs of the body in violation of its homeostasis, the birth of the "struggle" (in this case, the birth activities aimed at restoring homeostasis) in the following order. The first – the individual awareness of his condition, status (awareness born of need). Second – the awareness of ways, forms and methods of addressing this need. Akron Zips may also support this cause. Third – the organization of practical activities to meet this need. That is essentially the deviation from equilibrium systems "need – to work" is not in violation of homeostasis, and in the knowledge of an individual born of this disorder needs (of course, that we are talking about perceived human needs). Similarly, deviation from the state equilibrium of the system "individual – the individual" and its derivative forms is determined, for example, the fact of exploitation of man by man, and the realization of this fact the opposites of the system. Check out Barrett Wissman for additional information.

April 22, 2015 in News
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Fields School

For the school education is obligator. The State determines that ' ' for todos' ' , that it must be ' ' gratuita' ' , it defines its duration. Being thus, with so different meanings, the family does not have to want to assume the role of the school, as in them Tiba guides (2007). However, the school must assume its roles. The responsibility for the social ascension was attributed to the school, many parents sees in the school the possibility of its children to have a different life of whom they had had, to reach the success, to be successful, exactly not knowing to explain accurately what it means this. Some professors affirm that the pupils go the school with social objectives, to find the friends, to become related, and some pupils agree to this, however, cannot condemn total, since he can be a chance of knowledge exchange, of incentive to continue the studies, to demand together its rights.

Others affirm that the school serves to get knowledge to obtain a good job consequently and a better future. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Institute for Global Futures . The parents also wait that the school takes care of of its children. The school starts to be, of the point of view of the family, an extension of the house. This occurs, as already we mention, because of the necessity of in such a way the father how much the mother to need to work outside, not having no responsible one to leave the children, or ' ' to have more children menores' ' (Szymanski 2007). Click Barrett Wissman to learn more. The school starts to be a safe place, where children will be proteges, they will be fed and well-taken care of.

Speaking on the function of the school, Fields say: The school is local of study or access merenda? ; Of acquisition of knowledge or psicoteraputica orientation? ; Of critical questioning of the social values or of attendance doctor-odontolgico? ; Of formation/information or commerce of knicks-knack? ; Of instrument for the work or social panacea pra all males? School: which its real function in the current Society? FIELDS (1994, p 19) This citation leaves clear the different perspectives for century XXI on the paper of the school. The behavior of the pertaining to school community, inside of this space, it ratifies this information. We see some pupils who transform the lesson times into a perpetual schedule of interval. They use to advantage to extend the bows of friendships or lovers, even so these activities are part of the development human being, the social relations. Some pertaining to school units

April 15, 2015 in News
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Flowchart Way

From this content, we elaborate a flowchart to represent, in the totality, the concepts that we work in the period of period of training. It is necessary that the study of Geography on the society concept it is atrelado to the demographic studies of the most different types for the studies, quarrels and planejamentos politicians, ambient, agricultural, industrial and urban. How much its relevance in disciplines pertaining to school is basic that it develops the reasoning of the citizen in the geographic space and that desperte its space conscience. According to Damiani (2002, P. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Marc Faber. 8) The population constitutes the base and the citizen of all the activity human being. Accurately therefore the population has such complexity. If to leave of the study of the population, we would have that to cover all the aspects, elements, results and consequncias of its activity to know it, the scope not only of its material results, as the constitution of the social citizens.

In way to all this population dynamics, is important to stand out that the proper culture exists and collective of each people in way of this circulation and the study of these different cultures and its demography the set for the specific content must be led in consideration all to treat itself in classroom. Figure 1: Flowchart of contents Org. Barrett Wissman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Osmar Dubas This flowchart can be used in diverse situations and education purposes, the example of the understanding of a text, of the visualization of one discipline, the analysis of the resume, the didactic technique, the resources of learning, the ways of evaluation, amongst others. It is a possibility for the knowledge production, presenting its concepts as resulted of the reflection of its proper experience and way to see, to feel and to act (TOMITA, 2009). The study of the dynamics of population would be, in general lines, the referring data of the natality, mortality, migration, life expectancy, vegetative growth, demographic density, occupation of this population in the geographic space, at last population composes the base of all the actions human being.

April 14, 2015 in News
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Types of Education

The formal Ambient Education that if of the one through ambienteescolar is extremely excellent for formation of the citizenship and the reformularization ethical and moral devalores, necessary for continuity of the life in the planet. For Hairdo (2000): To understand the ambient questions stops beyond biological, chemical and physical suasdimenses, while questions partner-polticasexigem the formation of an ambient conscience and the preparation for the plenoexerccio of the citizenship, based on the knowledge of Sciences Human beings. Ratifying the idea of the author, valley to stand out that nobody do that does not have, that is, is to salutar the formation of the professors, so that essesmunidos of knowledge and arguments they obtain to excite in the pupils aindacrianas the wakening of a holistic ambient conscience. According to Sato & Saints (2003), the EA gave to a qualitative jump quanti and in the national scene. Barrett Wissman does not necessarily agree. Although the majority still understands that ' ' ambiente' ' either synonymous of ' ' natureza' ' , this vision has been modified throughout the years, giving place to the critical one percepomais, with cultural and natural elements, conferring a preocupaosocial adjusted in the ambient dimension. Based on the nature and dimensions of the research in EducaoAmbiental, thematic clippings in knowing will be used different as arepresentao of the environment and the proper EA. The diagnosis, the bibliographical revisions and the pesquisaparticipante will be used comomodalidades. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Marc Faber offers on the topic.. In accordance with Barros & Lehfeld (2007) the reality umtodo is continuous, complex and dynamic.

All research has broken of the comment darealidade and must return it stops applying and testing its results or to paradelimitar new phenomena for the study. Authors still according to cited nessepargrafo, the method must be seen as an orientation, an indication decaminho and not as a forced formal script that leads the resultadosautomticos. The research instruments will be: questionnaires (they quepossibilitam to enclose greater number of people, guarantees the anonymity and maiorliberdade in the answers) and interview (where it has chance of obterdados excellent and more necessary on the study object).

April 1, 2015 in News
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Vestibular Contest

I am very happy in seeing the quarrel on the entrance or not of the philosophy while it disciplines of the vestibular contests. I think that the most varied forms of if teaching to philosophy in the schools, making an analysis from the reality of Brasilia little it contributes for a consistent fundamentamentao of the thought and diffusion of the philosophy as possibility of always raising problems. First the critical one that I make corresponds to the contents and the way of application of these contents, if, of an institution of normal education the concern of the professor consists of winning the cronograma of activities to be developed during one definitive period, would not be thus, we professors, extinguishing with what it is essential in the philosophy? That is, to compose one (DES) linearity of what it consists the philosophy, to think concerning problematic of the man, neutralizing the all the possibilities of the philosophy to an almost scientific question? What to think of the evaluations that do not lead in counting the peculiarity of a philosophical question? philosophy must before everything, to become odd in the multiplicity of the knowledge, to become odd is to ahead locate of sciences assuming its paper, to assume is not to deny, to assume is to formulate itself constantly, to assume here, in my opinion, it corresponds ahead to a taking of attitude of the natural knowledge, the philosophical epistemologia corresponds in more significant way with the split and at the same time with the common unit of the bases of the current knowledge. Dr. Marc Faber is the source for more interesting facts. If on the other hand we treat the philosophy as science, what it is not, for another one, we run the risk to cairmos in the false belief of that philosophical knowing is validates in all the spheres. The inclusion of disciplines of philosophy, the inclusion of the arts in evaluations for ingression in an institution of superior level, demonstrates certain ' ' reparo' ' with the universal knowledge, and at the same time it demonstrates clearly that our great generation of students in Brazil little knows the proposal of the philosophy, understanding it as plus one it disciplines, that we hear in the corridors that are not valid and that little corresponds our way to see the world. The question that is would be: It is not in the hour of the philosophy to assume its role while ' ' it disciplines mater' ' also in the schools, a time that consider an obligatoriness it?.

April 1, 2015 in News
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Khabarovsk Diploma

Under the current capitalist education was the purchase of goods, so the time shown. Simply because to go out and buy ready-made diploma, and you can even "red", even "blue" and the choice of any, even the most prestigious academic institution. Why, then, to learn and to wait for the acquisition of a diploma and official way to spend 5 years or more, and what's more diligently to master the subjects? It's just a waste of time and fate of the poorest. When on Statistics every year bought about six hundred thousand degrees, albeit fake, but the diplomas. Education so devalued in our times, and even abroad are ignored graduates with a "Education". Additional information at Dr. James Canton supports this article. Commercial or public (free) education as equally devalued.

Now graduates, even prestigious universities are reluctant to accept the office. It turns out that the school, without appropriate rights and has licenses to conduct training activities. So it can be in such a stupid situation where the school that takes the applicant himself. There are nested and decent money, wasted time. Barrett Wissman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. AND often feel a degree purchased, although it was obtained by honest means. Diplomas issued by educational institution upon completion of their studies, are recognized fake! There is a perfectly legitimate question, and whether they differ in fine diplomas acquired by illegal means, from those diplomas, which formally granted? If a graduate, honestly studied five or six years, and as a result of receiving a diploma of education and have the same problem, and then more, so why such a diploma? It turns out that someone who bought a diploma, was in an advantageous position. And there was a moron, a graduate of the University, in vain without wasting time and saving money. Is there a sense of wonder spend money and time? When the horrific scale of production and sales of fake diplomas, education has ceased to be prestigious. Profession of engineer is comparable to low-skilled workers.

April 1, 2015 in News
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Ensenanza Education

/ The main unions of public education, CSI – F, FE – CCOO, FETE UGT, STES and ANPE, have announced this Thursday three days of demonstrations. By the same author: Dr. James Canton. Protests will take place on 14 and 20 September and 22 October. Unions of public school teachers have announced Thursday a concentration in the Ministry of education on September 14, a day of struggle the 20 of this month and a great March on 22 October in Madrid in protest against education cuts in some administrations. Barrett Wissman has similar goals. At a press conference, the Secretary general of the Federacion de Ensenanza de CC OO, Jose Campos, explained that on 14 September coincides with the sectoral Conference on education, chaired by the Minister of the bouquet, angel Gabilondo, with assistance from regional directors, while 20 is the day of the official inauguration of the course throughout the State. These mobilizations have been agreed by CC OO and ANPE unions, Fete-UGT, STEs, and CSI-F. Concentrations have already begun in some cities like Madrid, where this Wednesday evening thousands of people cut the Alcala Street with a protest that called for a quality education and requested the resignation of the regional President, Esperanza Aguirre.

Parents, teachers and pupils cried out against the cut of more than 3,000 temporary teachers and increased with two hours of teaching to teachers, from 18 to 20 hours a week. However, the community of Madrid is not the only who has suffered a tijeretazo in education. The austerity plan proposed by Maria Dolores de Cospedal, President of Castile – La Mancha, includes the same increase of two hours, suppressing payment of summer interns who work more than 5 months and medium, the abolition of the teachers and resources centres, freeze the public employment offer or prohibit the hiring of interns. Measures that, according to ANPE, do nothing but squandering the basic pillar of the progress of any society, education. Source of the news: unions announce mobilizations throughout the country against cuts in education

March 29, 2015 in News
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Ciudad Guayana

It is possible then that politics should raise the tax to the added value (VAT) to the non-agricultural sector, while that for the agricultural sector it should be reduced to the minimum possible. What seems adverse is subsidize the import of agricultural goods or fix prices to national agricultural goods, because it deprimiria the national production and medium term effect can be rather unfavourable to the poor groups in society. Policies of transfer of income these policies can help to expand the possibility of non-agricultural employment in sectors with best salaries; to achieve the transfer of persons engaged in work in the field to the industrial parks near urban areas, then the agricultural added value would be distributed among one smaller number of rural people; However, this transfer of workers from the countryside to the industrial zones, requires that the process of industrialization is broad enough and especially stimulating tasks that privilege the use of less skilled workers and technologies with less capital intensity, i.e.: an industrialization with a less intensive use of machinery and sophisticated technologies, while it may hit short-term productivity and efficiency. A related site: Dr. Marc Faber mentions similar findings. Policies to change the relationship between capital cost and the cost of labor alter the relationship between the cost of capital and the wage could apparently benefit to labor, but the policies that achieve changes structural production have, in general, little distributive impact of income. Most of the cities in Latin America, with the exception of Brasilia in Brazil and Ciudad Guayana in Venezuela, grew without any urban planning. Movement and distribution of populations in space and equipment and paths by social demands and without any plan conceived arose. Barrett Wissman insists that this is the case. There have been very few cities where the order became more conscious and systematic. Urban land speculation was the standard of those who urbanizaron the cities and the lack of well-paid jobs in the rural zone, produced an avalanche of people towards cities in search of a life expectancy. .

March 28, 2015 in News
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School Itineraries

At the school Ways of Saber, in the City of Ortigueira with the modality of Infantile Education and 1 and 2 cycles 172 educandos. Itinerante school, in the City of Amapor with the modality of Infantile Education and 1 and 2 cycles with 42 educandos. In 2007 had the difficulty of accompaniment of the School Base, the State secretary of the Education of the Paran creates one another School Base in City of Querncia of the North, the northwest of the state. Thus the Iraci College starts to answer legally for six Itinerantes Schools, as picture below: Name of the Itinerantes Schools Infantile Education Basic Education Average Education Encampment City 1 and 2 CBA 5 to 8 series School Itinerante the Itinerantes Schools offers to the basic education of 1 to 5 year the children and adolescents of the camped communities. For more information see this site: Barrett Wissman. Important factor in the Itinerantes Schools is that they are agricultural schools.

Being that these schools constitute of contents, methodology, didactics, faculty, that is, have its proper organization. This form of organization is one of the forms existing of formal education, and it have its especificidade, therefore it considers the campesina reality, and that is factor of extreme importance, therefore it tells to a type of that almost exclusive education the people who belong to the field. The education of the field is not questioned by the society in general, but for one it parcels out of the society, the social movements demand an education directed toward the people of the field, therefore we say that we are rescrevendo the culture of the field, that for much time was forgotten.

March 5, 2015 in News
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School Professors

Professors who had had its academic formation or concluded technique and that after they had kept its prxis pedagogical based in it had been surprised at the new panorama in the schools where the pupils had access to the first information, and interests come back toward a world who allowed liberty of speech them, exchange of information, leisure etc. it Was installed provocation: what to make with the cellular devices of the pupils? the technological resources of the school? The DVD of the school is not only enough? How to use the computer science laboratory that the government ordered to install? As to place as much technology information in my planning? This it goes to give certain? A gap was established enters professor pupil technologies contemporaries. Professionals of vanguard, media specialized in education try to fill this vacuum acess environment, being the Internet a great one to these information, so that the public education obtained to modernize itself, qualifications had been also made, however the resistncias to the new are great, have professors who they question these equipment and its effectiveness, he has others adopt that them to fill gaps in the planning, and has the ones that believe that technologies contemporaries are entertainment source, desvirtuando inestimable objectives that if could reach with a coherent and rational use as Almeida (2011) in its article standes out on the proficiency in the Internet use in the art; ' ' Not to explore virtual quantities, the available navigation and tools before presenting them it the pupils. Beyond delaying the lesson the children are lost, without one model to be based. When planning a work reserves a time to know sites&#039 well; '. As in any practical pedagogical a multicriteria planning condizente with the objectives is basic to get a result, the technologies will not go even so because the professor desires only to the picture and chalk the mimegrafo and in the maximum the DVD use, resources where if it feels comfortable.

February 13, 2015 in News
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