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Education On Success

Parents should give such children the opportunity to frequently change their occupation. Do not forget that they are like butterflies and they need to reside in movement. Before giving your child a jet team, to try to redirect it. If this kid does not want to clean the room, try to redirect it, suggesting that […]

November 26, 2015 in News
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Educational Methods

Just in parallel with the introduction of new rules of life education to take care to understand their feelings that run from time to time methods of educating taken over from their parents and completely discredited today. So, what are the methods? One of the oldest methods of influence on a child – a method […]

November 24, 2015 in News
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On Education

Teachers with a stopwatch in his hands for a long time to be scaring children in a bitter struggle for the improvement of technique of reading. Children are programmed by nature to the development of speech in both orally and in writing. If communicating with your baby, we use large cards on which are written […]

November 24, 2015 in News
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