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Special Education

Alencar & Fleitch (2001), affirms, for example, that ' ' superendowment is one constructo psychological to be inferred from a constellation of traces or characteristics of one pessoa' ' (p.52). I suggested that a definition alone must appear later that it will have a general quarrel of goals or objectives to be reached in one […]

March 12, 2016 in News
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In the phylogeny of the nervous system development of the thinking process is undergoing Several high-quality transitions that generate several kinds of thinking that define the quality levels of individual forms of the organism. Each type of thinking creates his own method. For education new temporary connections visually-effective way of thinking has no method other […]

November 26, 2015 in News
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Loyola Creative

But many others had become much more late creative in its lives, were well later that they had had the ideas most original. Through the creativity we are motivated to search new forms of to decide the problems, but so that this happens is important to use as criterion the diverse forms of motivation, being […]

September 9, 2014 in News
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The psychoanalysis appeared then as possibility of understanding, from which the reality could be modified in a scientific way. Of this form, diverse Brazilian facultieses of psychology had consisted on these bases coming back its attention toward intrapsquicos aspects of the patients. With this, many psychologists still search to understand a part of the citizen […]

March 3, 2014 in News
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Agricultural Federal University

An involving history of courage, determination and overcoming front to the preconceptions faced for the young artist in the society of years 70. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: determination, preconception, courage, visual deficiency. DIALOGUE BETWEEN the CONSIDERED STORY OF the FILM AND TEXTS Red as the Sky initiates with scenes of the daily life of the Mirco (protagonist of […]

November 9, 2012 in News
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Pupils and Teachers

Many are the difficulties that the pupils with necessities special find to be accepted and recognized as human being equal to all. One of the teachers told: ' ' The pupils had passed for difficulties due to the preconception of the parents of the pupils who influenced the children to discriminate these estudantes.' ' It […]

October 31, 2012 in News
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University Campus

According to Rezende (1998) ‘ ‘ some parents for the fact to detrabalharem the entire day and not to have time to be with the children, see nateleviso one ‘ meio’ to distract the same ones while they are not in house, ouat exactly when they arrive tired of the service and do not want […]

October 5, 2012 in News
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