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Making Mistakes Well

December 17, 2018 in News Tags:

Allow them to make mistakes, they have their own mistakes, learn from them, plus they can grow with what they learn. Linked to this, there are relational factors in regard to our children. Do not just wish that our children are happy, is also important to know: Their emotional states: Often parents are not willing to tolerate nor anger, nor the anxiety that children may feel. The way how we speak is fundamental in the structure of self-esteem. How I turn to my children: with contempt, aggressively, so strong, with demand. What are my emotional states, that as parents, I have also. It’s believed that Kindle Direct Publishing sees a great future in this idea. Ways and means discipline is exercised: consistently, intermittent, or plane, go through life as we dictate the day.

The relationship between the parents also influence this process: how they are, how they go at each other, what are the patterns that govern the relationship, etc. In recent years, has been talking about the various methods it is important to develop methods of discipline, and education for children. Some parents are confused and perplexed, it does not learn how to maintain a firm stance at the time to discipline their children. It is not just to see the happiness, but to build an environment that helps the child feel safe, confident, loved, with limits and in a predictable and consistent context for them. The happiness of children depends not only on what parents do or fail to do. Each child has their own perception and way of understanding the world. The reality is that happiness is one aspect in the training of children.

We also require children be responsible, social responsibility towards others, able to engage in their responsibilities to family, school and generally socially. We can not do without the others in this life. Learn to find happiness, even in the service and not just personal. And of course I hope that their children achieve happiness, but especially when they are not, do not hesitate to look to be better people.

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