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Special Education

March 12, 2016 in News Tags:

Alencar & Fleitch (2001), affirms, for example, that ' ' superendowment is one constructo psychological to be inferred from a constellation of traces or characteristics of one pessoa' ' (p.52). I suggested that a definition alone must appear later that it will have a general quarrel of goals or objectives to be reached in one definitive problem. According to SEESP/MEC (Secretary of Special Education), the children who present the expression of consistently superior traces to average, as notables performances and/or raised potentialities in any of the following aspects, isolated or combined: general intellectual capacity, specific academic aptitude; critical thought or productivity; leadership capacity; special talent for visual arts, dramatical arts and music, and psicomotora capacity. Aiming at to assist the identification of children with high abilities the Ministry of the Education and Sport and the Secretary of Special Education had published, in 1995, the Subsidies for Organization and Functioning of Services of Special Education? Areas of High Abilities. In this document, some procedures that had been presented to identify children with high abilities, between them consist: Evaluations carried through for professors, specialists and supervisors; high? evaluation; application of tests individual, collective or combined and demonstration of superior abilities in determined areas. (BRAZIL, 1995b, p.23). This supervision must be made by a team to interdisciplinar, due to the fact of that the intelligence tests do not measure some operations gifts in the creative thought, what it can take not the identification of an individual with superior creative potential.

Currently it is not more acceptable to mensurar static and definitively these individuals. As the Guenther says (2000, p.45): ' ' without a doubt, they them children (superendowed) are not equal between itself, but if they equal to this level to be different of outros' '. Thus being, as any child is important acolhedor environment in house and the school. The choice of this subject had as purpose to demonstrate the lack of preparation of the Brazilian Service of Education, as well as the academic quarrels carried through in order to provide one better boarding of the subject.

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