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The Education

March 15, 2016 in News Tags:

The conception of school presented engloba here participation between actors you beat, a time that education is not individual activity or for one determined individual, but yes a class action, the example of what it says ALMEIDA (2005, P. 11): ' ' Perhaps it is not difficult to receive this proposal of participativa construction if to understand that the education is, for definition, collective process. The act to educate implies meeting with the other necessarily, with the different one of me. Speaking candidly FASEB Journal told us the story. To educate is to learn to live with. Education is social activity, is learning for the life in community. The education is language human being par excellence, therefore human being is a collective task; is to set it way of the accomplishment of a promise comum.' ' But, in scenes where, many times, the minimum established for the first formation of the human being as the family, does not make use of resources to at least construct a base of worthy principles in one individual, so that this, later or concomitantly, through the school, reach the formations citizen and human being intended in a society of the good, this practical becomes almost that null. However, valley to point out that, through the character idealizer who the laws have, to see the Education as responsible for a formation human being, beyond the citizen and of the formative in terms of contents, that already occupy place more concrete in its conceptions, does not leave of being a step so that this end if really executes; in the complete one. E, bringing the boarded question here, of the existing relation between education and ethics, for Brazil, valley to point out that, as well as it affirms CENCI (2008). … the base of the educative ideals of ocidente, gestada for the Greeks and gone deep later for the modern iluminismo, was developed claiming to a indissocivel bond between these two fields.

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