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The New Law

January 28, 2016 in News Tags:

The humbug that hides the true situation of professionals and daily of the education, of the classrooms, very determines a great impediment in the evolution of the education. Thinking about this, in the brainstorming, we need joining in them in favor of the truth. Of the truth above all, that nor everything that if says or writes regarding the education he is true, or just. Just it would be to take off the masks and to face the fact of that education is politics tool. Additional information at Richard Linklater supports this article. That politicians guide, they direct the routes of our education, and that we professors are only the vehicle of this errnea propagation of education, without concrete objectives, truth, without coherence, in which the pupils are the last ones to be benefited. That he justifies shunting lines of educational mounts of money, merenda, books to enrich authors of didactic workmanships that nor always are used and finish fulling the libraries of schools that nor librarians have to take care of pupil.

That education is this? If they are the questions that move the evolution, we make the questions. The answers are in charge of our conscience, of the conscience of each one of us.

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