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The End

January 27, 2016 in News Tags:

Better synthesis does not have. (Christ) But the true purpose is the Spiritual. (Adam Smith) the Freedom is the Maximum Purpose. To be free. From then on one reaches the too much ends.

He said already it! (Gates) the Individual one. The Social End is the individual happiness. With very electronic comfort, of preference. (Hitler) the Interest of the Aryan Nation. (Scrates) However, independently of its particular opinions, we can then generalize that the Right organizes the Power to reach the Purpose of the Common good? (ALL) You Exactly it Disseste, Scrates! (Churchill) I find that we can affirm then that the presence of the Capital is the main factor of the Society if to present in the current status quo.

(Gates) Protest! Again the guilt is of the ruling class! So without creativity it is History when blaming Culprits! All envious ones! (Christ) Children, the Society has the capacity to adjust the characteristics argued to the real necessities Human beings here. What it lacks to them, is only the will. The Spirit. Therefore we must take the Word of God to the World. (Adam Smith) Still I believe that we must free the Men. It is solution faster, adjusted, and easy! (Hitler) By means of the State! The Strong State is only capable to introduce such idea in mago of the Society. (Scrates) Therefore, if the Society is then, Organized in such a way for one To be able, to reach a material End and spiritual, pondering these two sources, must the Men give little importance to the Money, as Churchill assumed? (Gates) Not! How the State if makes responsible! (Scrates) Becomes necessary then a minute analysis of what it is the State? Of its Purpose? (Adam Smith) Perfectly. (Hitler) and I already did not say it? (Churchill) I agree. The End of the State is the key to continue to understand the process social that forms the Man. (Christ) In agreement. Therefore God of the authority to the Man so that if he governs as the good to understand, until if he proves the inefficacy Human being in if autogovernar. But the Kingdom of my Father will show to be Only the Capable one. However, I believe that an analysis of the State must exactly be made. But not now. In next Conclaves. In agreement? (ALL) In agreement. (Christ) Thus, that the Peace is With you.

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