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March 9, 2013 in News Tags: , , ,

Many of the complaints that are generated within educational institutions, are linked to the hypothesis of the precarious preparation that have students with regard to the requirement of this knowledge society which will have to face due to premature handling that they give to the various tools that are necessary to perhaps compete and be at the level of what a professional career or job title demands. In this section we could leave many premises; Since children and young people are facing great challenges, and where education is an indispensable tool for human beings can progress to the ideals of peace and social justice that both claim. So thinking about what all locuazmente say, the youth is the future of our society, we must inspect the paper that all and each of us have in this dilemma, both the role of the educator, the role of educational institutions, resources and tools that provide, the public State policies, the role of the father in family and clear is the role of the student as an autonomous agent of their own learning. So all this has been achieved, it is necessary that each of the aforementioned meets some specific conditions; but before done, it is essential that we ask ourselves that it is the most important thing, what our youth and children to acquire skills in the development and application of new technologies and have a level of competitiveness in the market? or that instill ethical and moral values that have been lost and neglected both in our society?; would it not be fateful that our children are limited to learn only from a computer and it does not interact physically and formal with their peers?, is it that we are dominated so much so, that we no longer have time for family and learn from the experiences and another?. In reality, there are many questions that would arise here, but the fact is that we will end up in an era where there will be a single culture that at the end everyone will end up adapting ourselves, then are doing for not? lose our roots?; without any doubt, innovation is a pillar of social functioning consolidated in thinking globally but acting locally, which would allow a high degree of interactivity on the means of communication, free and egalitarian way, but at the same time a direct control on the consumer and on the processes of production and knowledge, which in the end develop their human potential. It is here where we all have a social responsibility in changing the mindset in favor of democratizing education that enables a new model of teaching focused on the student, that generates reforms in educational policies given to multicultural contexts, thus defining its mission according to the present and future needs of our society, applied to all fields of human endeavour; hopeful in promoting sustainable development and building a culture of peace that matches reality specific community man and advocating an ecological conscience, the return of spirituality and the rescue of the family unit as Trainer value axis. So, what are we going to make this is achieved?

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