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Canine Education

February 24, 2013 in News Tags: ,

But again and again we are told that canine education must become since the dog is a puppy, all is not lost if we decide to train our old dog. Aging, like humans, dogs require a longer period of time to learn, but this does not mean that you can not educate an adult dog. As we have already read for small dogs, we will require patience and perseverance, maybe a little more, but we have the advantage that an adult dog is less restless and is more intelligent to understand what you are trying to teach him. If it is an adopted adult dog do not expect immediate results, it requires a period of adaptation, in which we will have to pay enough attention, unless it means forgiving misconduct. For adult dogs adopted, the first phase of the training is to Acclimate it warmly in our home. Out to walk with us, spend much time with him to make us accept as his master. During the first nights spent in our House we will have to prepare us to cry during the night, the violence is not going to shut it, unlike when it cries should lift us accompany him a few moments, caress it and take it to his Doghouse.

To educate an adult dog small is little and nothing recommendable violently punishing the dog. This is doubly true for adult dogs. It is almost impossible to teach by this primitive method to an adult dog, up could bite us. To control their bad habits we must resort to teach for example where do the needs, rather than teach him where it should not. Once acclimatized the adult dog, the key is to prepare a good working environment to train him. The quiet place, without distractions, preferably family, as the House instead of the Park. We will proceed with a small dog, encouraging it with food reward when we try to show you a trick.

The difference will be that we can expect faster results than with a puppy, but we will have to repeat the session then to reaffirm. Armed with patience and following these instructions, will be able to teach our dog adult. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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