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Impact Of ICTs In Education Advantages And Disadvantages

March 11, 2013 in News

L.I. Francisco Paulin Martinez Faculty of Informatics UAQ A starting from the 1990s, society has had great changes in the way learn and interact with other people, this society has become the information society, that is driven by a scientific breakthrough and sustained by the widespread use of powerful and versatile technologies of information and communication (technology ICT)which Tagus get changes that reach all areas of human activity. FEATURES educational DE LAS TIC medium of expression and multimedia creation, to write, draw, make multimedia presentations, develop Web pages. Channel of communication that facilitates interpersonal communication, exchange of ideas and materials and collaborative work. Instrument of productivity for the information process: creating databases, prepare reports, perform calculations. Open source of information and resources (recreational, educational, professional).

In the case of Internet there are specialized search engines to help us locate the information we seek. Cognitive instrument that can support certain mental processes of students assuming aspects of a task: memory that provides data to compare different points of view, Simulator where test hypotheses. Tool for orientation, diagnosis and rehabilitation of students. Medium teaching and assessment: advises, exercising skills, asking questions, guide learning, motivates, evaluates. Instrument for assessment, which provides: quick fix and immediate feedback, reduction of time and costs, ability to follow the trail of the student. Its effects are manifested in particular in work activities and educational world, where everything must be reviewed: from the raison d ‘ etre of the school and other educational institutions, until basic training that we need people, the way of teach and learn, infrastructures and the media we use to do this, the organizational structure of the centres and their culture. However the impacts that have taken the ICT in education, we can view them from two different scenarios: advantages and disadvantages, which we will describe below: benefits of ICTs from the perspective of learning.

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