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Colegio Nacional San Jose

March 11, 2013 in News

Institutional identity is the result of history, values, philosophy, rituals, myths, searches, exponents, heroes of the Organization and observed strategies; It’s so this cannot be changed easily and evolves gradually; giving with it own institutional image. In this context, communication of the institution, both voluntary and involuntary, actions defined the institutional image with different audiences, reason by which such actions must be developed correctly to each of the public that relate to the institution seated in the universal basis of truthfulness. In this sense, we feel at our discretion, a limitation to define the special meaning for the lambayecanos or not lambayecanos having graduated from the glorious National College of San Jose de Chiclayo, really the language of the heart tends to be the simplest but at the same time the most difficult to describe. Pick up the words of Professor Luis Flores Morillas, when he describes the history of the Colegio Nacional de San Jose de Chiclayo, is exciting and reflects the courage and honor of a people struggling to overcome. Indeed, its antecedents dating from 1826, when the Government of Don Andres de Santa Cruz who presided over the Council of Government, enacted Supreme Decree 118 establishing a College of Sciences in Lambayeque, which did not work for the administrative disorganization, war with Colombia and the continual revolutions that bloodshed to our country. This chaos is extreme floods by rio Zana overruns. Against this gloomy and adversity comes the town of Chiclayo, organized once the municipality starts the efforts to realize the existence of a secondary campus, even plans to arbitrate the necessary funds and undertakes to renovate the old local of the Franciscan fathers.

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