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Positive Reinforcement Dog Education

February 17, 2013 in News

We need to know which method we will use to begin with education for dogs. In principle we will use in this instructive educational system that relies on positive reinforcers, we auxiliaremos us with the food reward or treat for dogs. Now we will see how to make our dog to follow us without pulling on the belt, which is a basic point in education for dogs. For this trick it is important that the dog does not pull the strap, we will not use any order, but the same signal will be the starting strap, this will tell you that you must not pull. To be able to teach your dog to follow you this will need to be comfortable with the collar and belt, to accomplish this, you must previously do play with the starting strap and practicing tricks that you’ve already taught him with wearing the collar. Not to wear a necklace hanging or barbed for this stage, as you lastimarias your dog.

The belt you need is one of two meters, and preferably should start with training in a quiet place. In the first stage of this education for dogs, you will be guided with rewards of food, which we hold with the left hand, holding the belt with your right hand. The strap should be loose, sagging down, without pulling. We will use a keyword to tell the dog to begin to walk with us. We can use Go or come on, for example. We pronounced the keyword and will guide the dog walk at our side on the left.

We should not matter that it will not follow us exactly, what we want is to walk and do not pull on the belt. If after the first step the dog not pulling the strap we will reward you. As your dog progresses with the exercise, we will increase the number of steps that we will give before stopping us. When we get more than 10 steps will pass to the next stage, otherwise repeat, even could take more than one session. The next stage consists in directing us with the dog to a certain extent, towards a destination, but without the pull strap. We will order the dog to begin walking, the target can be anything we fairly call attention, like a toy or a piece of furniture. If the dog follows us without tension the belt, we will reward you to arrive at the destination. If he pulled the belt back on our steps walking backwards until the place home, repeating the procedure. This stage, in education for dogs, can require more practice than the previous, to not tire our dog, limit training sessions just 10 minutes, and the time to end the session will be after having obtained some positive results, for example, while the dog is following us without pulling the belt. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

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