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Education Quality

February 9, 2013 in News

Ramon Palacio, believes that in our capital city, as well as in our cities and towns of Magdalena, we must as a matter of urgency, no doubt, require a constant quality in education and to strengthen even more the educational progress. To do this we must think about how revalue the role and the offices of the rector or principal of a school or college.We must organize and implement public policies towards the more equity and growth, conducting some research that analyze how it should be, the directive function of each school or primary school and secondary school. So trends study more advanced in these matters on education as equally landing and plan these educational initiatives with the special prompt that requires our obvious arrears, in order to be able to immediately activate and promote adequate and fair policies that update, strengthen and defend the function and each director of school or college trades, as it should be.In our concept all Directors of school and colleges they have an unavoidable responsibility of improving the quality of education and play a key role in the distribution (equity) of the learnings from each of the students. Directors certainly influence the motivation of teachers and professors; and they can hit enough in the development of their competencies and professional practices.It is undeniable that every Rector or principal must meet a complex and crucial role for know lead and channelling processes of improvement for a broad knowledge of the student or school, surely will be achieved through the application, or through a constant and unwavering pedagogical leadership. To so, they can fulfil their performance with great responsibility, towards progress; I am convinced that for this comprehensive, specific and national long-term policies, are not needed on the other hand, must start now.In the field global international there is a growing tendency to emphasize the implementation of healthy and suitable policies to strengthen the role of the rector or director the school or college. In the majority of Nations advanced the educational topics studied and carried out curricular forms that enhance traditional incentives to exercise functions of school management, especially in countries such as ours where there are not enough seats or perhaps an excessive rotation.For this reason, I believe that we must work on this is creating enough specialized training for management and driving educational spaces. The quality of our education should be unbreakable, so that the determinations and values for initial training and upgrading, improvement, development and advancement continue, the guiding and also supervisors, should be organized already, and addressed urgently by our authorities in charge of these irreplaceable responsibilities with knowledge.

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