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The Capitalist

October 22, 2014 in News Tags:

The system is in one of its cycles of crisis, remember: 2008 crisis in the prices of food, 2009 crisis in the markets, 2010 environmental crisis. The resilience of the capitalist system this committed, this survival at stake. Hegemonic groups will not give up their privileges to solve the problem. Them, in a kamikaze attitude, leap is hasty to fatal destiny, and his short-sighted attitude us sentence to all. Neoclassical dogma is so deeply rooted in their minds, who truly think that this situation can be solved without radical changes. No to belittle the faith that Westernized society has on their gods: the all-powerful science and efficient market. The dogma says that they will provide us with the solution.

This is a dangerous illusion, adds us Griffon, that with regard to climate change there are two levels that we must discuss and deal with. At one level we must clearly establish which is directly responsible for the problem. It is in this case none other than the global economic system. This system manages to reduce all people to mere consumers, thus ignoring the complexities inherent in any human being. In the framework of the neo-classical logic, the complexity of the human being is reduced to a morisqueta known as Homo economicus and assumes that the material needs of society are endless, reason why the market should offer infinite products. This, as already mentioned, poses the basic dilemma of this theoretical framework. However, it is also important to appreciate that this logic involves inevitably produce increased amounts of wastes, wastes that are essentially treated as externalities.

In this way the system privatized profits, while he socializes environmental problems. This is something that the ecology economy has demonstrated eloquently. Given the logic of the system, which raises growth and capital accumulation as a condition sine qua non for their existence, it is impossible in this framework to address and solve the problem root causes.

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