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Approaches Of Education

October 22, 2014 in News

The power of school: By a pedagogy of libertarian (rethinking Hugo Zemelman and Estela Quintar) Orlando Lozada sec. Gnral. Center students school education UCV is well known by all that from approximately 1940 the individual was bowed, minimalizado and subalternamente subjected to the collective. The individual itself, if it intervened in the propulsion of these changes, but it wasn’t the protagonist, therefore education lacked importance, since it was generating of individuals and did not have the category of great social transformations 1 generator. In my opinion, currently education seems to take other directions, clear, education as reflected in the school institution. There are many people (and policies) that see education as a generator of changes and therefore as a menacing institution for those who wield power, but per, she herself is not able to generate such changes, so it is more vulnerable to suffer the submissions large groups for which it serves. If it is true what explains Zemelman, that the individual has passed into the background and education is in itself an adjective, but I still think that this has been changing after the passage of time, but not in a progressive manner, but rather in such degenerative, longer than the dominant elites to possess the consciousness of the importance that vests education in relation to the access and permanence of the power, (taking into account that in this globalized society, who wields power is not only who possesses the necessary economic forces, but also those who hold in their hands the information and thus to the generation of knowledge) education itself has come to subjugate the same be whom she served: man.

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