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The Aim

January 30, 2014 in News Tags: ,

Future challenges in managing people the people of the 21st century Manager cannot be limited to giving advice manual or standardized, but that, from an opening of mind and flexibility, listening active, must be able to facilitate processes, giving autonomy to people, depending on their abilities and open new horizons for all those that have lost faith in their potential. I see we have a profession in continuous expansion, adapting to the changes and technological advances we can access fields professionals such as e-learning and coaching. How dynamic platforms e-learning, online tutors, professional counselors and career etc Animo from here to all the colleagues to go ahead with his true vocation help to others. The divan of Freud may be thing of the past. Now we have other sofas to explore highlights of my most recent career I in the last 4 years I’ve been form me and explore in the professional field of vocational guidance: first, a postgraduate in employment guidance, opened me a window into the field of professional qualifications.

Later, with the aim of following me qualifying in new technologies, I agreed to the route’s formation as technician in e-learning. Without a doubt through courses that I did from 2008 to 2010, I have been able to acquire competences as a distance learning tutor, field in continuous expansion in these moments. And in terms of social networking, I joined several where I created a virtual working group with other educators and educators. This participation has allowed me to attend events where people and companies working e-learning HR management have gathered in one place. Educators/counselors who are interested in these areas we have gathered to share innovative experiences in schools and training centres. New fields, new challenges and new professionals of century XXI original author and source of the article

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