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January 19, 2014 in News Tags:

Peculiarities of Russian mentality is such that we are relying on their own experience and opinion often tend not to trust certain tasks narrow specialists. We are confident that we know better how to dispose of a stabilization For some reason, after the lapse thereof, wonder how it turned out that money is spent, and the result – far from expectations. Next we look at 10 common mistakes and attitudes that allowed managers of companies in the organization various events and celebrations. 1. I know Petya – and I'll be working with him! When choosing an agency for activities difficult to identify the ideal company to make the best event.

Therefore, even arranging a multi-level tender, mostly representatives of companies tend to choose a contractor who is familiar to them personally. "We are familiar with Vasya from college, what it's for" their "ill-will or what?" In the end, Vasya puts triple the price offers beads and clowns, and the term "corporate motivation" is covered by the nervous tremor. Guaranteed results in such cases are usually limited to something like "everything will be fine, with no options." At the end of events usually have on one another less and a bunch of disgruntled guests with our work more. Solution: When choosing an agency for the event the best way to select the agency – discard all personal, and come to question as to the choice of the employee for his company – a summary of the agency, his experience, quality and warranty work, ideas and suggestions, the base of contractors, it is possible to implement your event.

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