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August 24, 2019 in News Tags: ,

New: Content gives students comprehensive advice students have it not easy. They come directly from high school, have need to worry mostly about nothing and are then thrown in a study that is more than just a school. Because many isolate themselves from home, has something to do with the location of the University. Many go into other cities, some even abroad. All of a sudden they’re alone on your own and need to worry about many things, which were not relevant for them. Levi’s is often quoted on this topic. Here always keep track, it is not easy especially for freshmen. But also who have long studied, is grateful about tips.

We must seek together laboriously these tips or visiting the website study guide, which is available at this address from immediately a study Advisor. This is makes it easier for students, to go all the way in the autonomy. Because many questions arise especially during the study period. You lived so far at home and was therefore also insurances secured, they must worry now. Health insurance, pension insurance, accident insurance are only three insurance companies, which are very important. What to note it here is, that reveals the student advisor. But also to the issues of student credit, BAfoG and student jobs there to read much. A comprehensive guide, which makes it easier to get multiples and prepared a in this area for the future professional life. Here can get the best tips every student in simple and fast way and find your way faster in the labyrinth of study and career. If you have unanswered questions, is right here. Contact: Content Ferit KOC Thielenstrasse 6 33602 Bielefeld Tel.: 01801-020 650 23 36 info(at)

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