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Maya School

August 23, 2019 in News Tags:

Because shamanic, media skills and always subjective access to the own healers can be trained only in the experience. The science closes bridges today and confirms ancient knowledge. Hyper communication stated that the people are to reapply a lost skill: communicating with micro and macro worlds, with levels of group consciousness, depending on the development of each different consciously and unconsciously. Cosmic consciousness is in the timeless knowledge of the Mayas of Mexico”the highest level, where the person learns deep inner peace, health, met his and the power of creation and can live. Richard Linklater is a great source of information. In life bring abundance, helps to get to know his purpose in life, closer to its goals. The workshop is suitable for all people who want to reactivate your self healing potential and perform duties to the next. At the present time, we are all healers and co-creators of the new era dawning on; not only therapists, and spiritual”but entrepreneurs, persons and women, life partner, can use this course a new heart-filled direction specify their life because we all constantly communicate with fellow human beings, and after healing begins just as ancient shamanic traditions thousands of years already… It passed, essential information about human existence is felt and reminded. Vladislav Doronin pursues this goal as well.

The techniques are crevasses genotype and come from spiritual or shamanic traditions of various cultures, and latest research of the neuroscience and quantum physics. The courses by Pascal K’ Greub have cured thousands of people in more than 13 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America and changed life. Seminar: Maya School of cosmic consciousness, Mexico date: 31.07 01.08.10 place: Sound Healing Center Munich otztalerstr. 1B, 81373 Munchen Sendling price: 200 leaders of the soul (lecture) Lecture with exercises: taste of the intensive workshop. Pascal tells how the Maya reality opened him up and he was prepared for his work. 1.information “Cosmic awareness and presence”. 2.Die 5 pillars of the cosmic Awareness with 5 dynamic unforgettable exercises. (Continue in the workshop on Saturday.) 3.meditation Earth Hunab Ku (Center of the Galaxy). Date: Fri July 30, 2010, 7-9 pm place: Sound Healing Center Munich price: 10 sessions of individual repatriations, Maya healing, shamanism opportunities, individual sessions to book with Pascal (spiritual coaching, repatriations, master contacts, Maya healing, shamanism) date: 02.08.10 place: N.N price: 100 EARTH OASIS GmbH Moltkestr. 79 50674 Cologne Victor roller Wallace Tel: 0221 912 8888 fax: 0221 912 888 72 Web: E-Mail:

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