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Fernando Pavez Told

March 24, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Eight hours in a Dungeon should pass a young aysenino as a result of an exchange of views with responsible for communications from HidroAysen, Maria Irene Soto, on the stand that the company installed at the Expo Patagonia in Coyhaique. It was on Thursday when the student coyhaiquino of fifth year of ecotourism of the Universidad Andres Bello of Vina del Mar, Diego Vera, approached along with teammate Fernando Pavez informative dome that electricity was installed in the enclosure. Once in the place approached them for the professional wrestling, who identified them as members of Patagonia without dams, to which they responded that they were in fact University students who wanted to know what kind of background were delivered in the workplace. When we were already dismissing us I told him better stop up to here discussion, because for me the dams are not and are not going to do in the region, and she told me unfortunately going to have to live with that because the van, and that dams answered you Mrs be careful with what speaks because it now comes with everything and that they call it and we said goodbye. Then comes police station at 5 minutes and tells me you are stopped by death threat “recounted the young.

The result, be detained from 16: 00 until midnight at a taking as sole proof the witness journalist Soto. I felt super bad, starting because I had never been imprisoned, I had never been in a Dungeon, and I felt vulnerable because I am a student, like many of the Aysen Region, a Patagonian who as costs get out. And love my land, to have another point of view, they believe powerful and come and they can do what they want, by silver, by power it claimed. What most upset Diego was that at the end this was not anything, but yes I I had to suck 8 hours within a Dungeon unhealthy, died of cold, with inhuman conditions and there that I felt bad. For its part Fernando Pavez recalled that he broke out the vibe of Lady toward Diego when he asked her are you region? and she responded no, I’m from Valdivia and he replied then do not understand what I am saying I, and after that they ended their discussion. In this regard, he said that at any time there were threats, menacing gestures, nor stronger voice which she, had not at any time said the word death.

In statements to Radio Santa Maria, Maria Irene Soto expressed when one threaten it, one is impacted, feel fear and that is natural. The young man told me that came a violent theme, that things were going to change and I told him if I was threatening me and said yes. And I told him if I was threatening with death and told me Yes, here things are going to change, then the truth I felt very uncomfortable and still there same carabineros in the expo made the complaint. Paradoxically Diego had requested leave of three days in his work in a tourism port operator Bertrand to collaborate on the stand of the company of kayak water and ice in Expo Patagonia, of whom two passed them traveling and one arrested in a Dungeon by a dispute with an official of HidroAysen.

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