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Educational Free Software

January 25, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Educational software is a teaching resource that allows to address the curricular materials in a way different and more enjoyable both in the classroom and at home. As well as applications designed for learning that are marketed today, parents and teachers can find online a wide range of programs and free multimedia activities to work with students the different areas of knowledge of all levels of education. The computer is now a working tool more for any student. The technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT) have been integrated in schools and in homes as an instrument complementary to the traditional channels of learning. They facilitate education and in many cases provide a more interesting way to assimilate curricular content, thanks to the attractive design and the recreational component that comprise the majority of computer applications developed for an educational purpose. Pere Marques, Professor of educational technology the Department of pedagogy applied of the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB), one of the leading experts of our country in new technologies in the classroom, requires the five essential characteristics that must be shared by all educational programs: be prepared with a didactic purpose, using the computer as a support, interactive – answer to the actions of the students immediately -adapt to the pace of each student and be easy to use.

Teachers and parents should monitor so prior material with which will be working children and young people. So that they meet their educational function in an effective manner, Marquis points that they must meet certain particularities. Some quality criteria that require attention to select multimedia programs with a didactic purpose are: effectiveness (achieving instructional objectives intended to), versatility (adapt to different environments, users and contexts), quality and timeliness of the contents and ability to motivate the student. Resources in the network both parents as teachers can use the large catalogue of educational software that is sold in the market today.

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