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January 25, 2013 in News

The education of our children is a complex issue. On the one hand there must be a myriad of different methods which, in theory, seem to be effective in preparing a child to adulthood. On the other hand, parents are daily faced with situations of real life whose specific solution not found in any book on education. Each family has its own dynamics and is exposed to suffer more problems in a certain area that in another, depending on many variables such as culture, values, beliefs, traditions, etc. Unfortunately those challenges in the education of the children do not always have an easy solution and require specific treatment which is suitable for every situation. Many times parents feel overwhelmed and helpless when they are faced with challenging situations and seek help desperately. That is why today parents resort to experts more than ever.

Consultations of psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, occupational therapists, psicopedagogos, etc., are filled with parents who are looking for how to solve the problems which faced in the education of their children. After all, no one teaches us how to be good parents, and therefore we tend to trust these experts when it comes to finding concrete solutions. Although in many cases the help of experts is advisable and useful, many times there are ways to solve a problem or avoid it altogether without having to resort to them. Everything lies in returning to simplify what has become so complex. Thing again to establish basic principles of education and more confident that common sense with which Dios has endowed every human being, especially to parents. We must recognize that we as parents have a responsibility to educate our children, and we can not rid of it, although we would like to. Attempt to deliver it into the hands of others always will lead to failure, because it violates the universal laws upon which the well-being of the family unit is established.

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