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Ambient Education

November 7, 2013 in News Tags:

Aempresa must value its pedagogo and inside enable it to new practical educative on the EA of the company. The EA is a way that makes possible the formation of people in basic aspects to improve the quality of life of the planet and to rescue itself moral and ethical values, many times forgotten for the society. To insert the EA in the enterprise environment, the form that I present, needs some adjustments that to know acquired they do not destroy them in practical the daily one, but that they add values knowing to them. Being thus, this work looks for to detach that it is possible to use the natural resources of rational form. It is not a dream to think that we can acquire knowledge the special societies and in the great polluting nations, of that still has time to try to brighten up the actual damages nature, learning with our errors of the past and the gift, leaving the example for the future generations. Our General Objective is to describe the main aspects of the Ambient Education, as well as, to identify as if they present to the distinct conceptions of AND. Of the specific Objectives: To present possibilities of if working Ambient Education in enterprise environment and involving the managing and similar employees/of the company on the ambient questions.

To inside analyze the guiding of the educational process on the environment of the company, the form as it is transmitted for the employees. To enable pedagogos so that they can teach on the Ambient Education, without the same ones have distrust or frustration to approach this subject. The ambient education is the formation of conscientious citizens of its responsibility before the available resources, as the attainment of knowledge technician that make possible transformations of habits. As well as all process of learning, the education ambient it aims at to ahead prepare and to enable the individuals of the new conception how much to the ecosystem.

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