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Economic Development

November 9, 2013 in News Tags:

The existing gap between offers of professionalizing education and superior education that comes to take care of inside of the possibilities of the current demand of pupils who egressam of average education or that for happiness they have concluded already it in some phase of the life is not new subject inside of the emergent quarrels in the society. Some is not newness the questioning of many young and adults on the possibilities that these would inside have of a competitive and petitioning market of qualification and abilities highly developed where the formal knowledge is not valued of what the personal experience of the individual. Searching alternative for this not restricted situation only to the white quarter of this work, but all our country, this work was developed with intention to focus a specific point of the city of Is Jose of the Pinhais where this situation lasts and where if it verified the extreme necessity of steps to brighten up this picture. The present work was developed from bibliographical research and in sites of research justinian codes of where the data of this research had been removed. To present the possibilities that offer of the long-distance education could bring to this place is the limit that we search to transpose in such a way contributing for the resident population in the place how much for it offers of vacant today not filled by the staff lack. Introduction When initiating the presentation of this work, becomes necessary that the subject of the same is well clearly in the vision of the reader. For this reason, the following questionings had been arisen. Is possible a locality to present social, cultural and economic growth healthful, not oportunizando to its inhabitants the access to the professional education, either this technique or superior? It would be possible today, a basically composed quarter for inhabitants who possess the instruction degree varying between basic and average education, to have access with total citizenship to the offered chances, either of work, are of search for its rights? Or, as companies still searching growth chances currently installed in the region they could oportunizar to these living ranks of bigger incubency without exactly possessing formal qualification for in such a way? The search for the answers for these questionings had been estopins necessary to deflagrar the studies in this direction. In such a way, the delimitation of the subject was determined by the contributions that the oportunizao of the access to the education in the distance in level technician and superior could bring for the region, that demands this access could help to take care of, which would be the possible decurrent benefits of this process and still the presentation of a case study presenting as the agricultural exodus at a distance decreased in the regions of the pernambucanos Wasteland and Hinterland with the disponibilizao of the access the education the inhabitants.

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