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Vasili Volga

December 14, 2018 in News Tags:

And even historians have always explained this phenomenon as either a coincidence or as a natural factor release society from the political crisis. Therefore, in a political crisis that erupted today in Ukraine at first sight almost impossible to determine who can become the next ruler and a tyrant of the people, from whose reign once again be affected millions of people. People today still do not have sufficient level of education in order to timely spot among the "servants of the people" who really wants to oppress and enslave. For more information see this site: film director. But as time shows, including standing on the side of scientific and technical progress will not always. Science learns to identify among the mass of people in those individuals who are not on the side of the people, but on the side of those who use people to achieve their own power and then to display her arrogance. That is why today, in the III-th millennium, we are ready to show and explain to people what is for them a little more understandable, but that over time many of them will learn easy to understand ourselves. And even then this knowledge people will be able to independently use to protect themselves and their interests and get near to the question about true democracy. But let's get back to Vasili Volga, using as an example of his political name. Today, on the one hand, Vasili Volga, it is difficult to name even rating a politician, but on the other hand, years later, despite the forecasts of those people who are somehow involved in politics, Vasili Volga still has not left the political arena.

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