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University College

April 22, 2013 in News Tags:

There are many places you know in Parma, since then you may not be seeing its Duomo, attend his Teatro Regio di Parma in presenting great lyric singers that should be very good because he knows, his audience is very knowledgeable in music. It has as a curious precedent that Pavarotti did not never to act for fear of failure. Parma is a city with medieval charm where you can visit the Duomo, the baptistery, the Pilotta, the gardens of Maria Luigia, the Plaza Garibaldi, is a very musical town, not in vain is the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi and Toscanini and his Teatro Regio di Parma is a place of worship for lyrical singers since its audience is very knowledgeable in music. As curiosity Pavarotti did not never to act for fear of failure. It is a city very strategic, because that is 40 km. from Modena, 90 km. from Bologna, 25 km. from Reggio Emilia, 45 km.

from Piacenza, 90 km from Mantua, 60 of Cremona, 100 km. from Carrara 200 km. from Florence, 200 km from Milan, and more cities, or a point important to live the life of the city and ideal for excursions in other cities. In what particular enjoyment of Parma is for those who are they identify with the music classic, to attend and listen to concerts given, with join variety of works and performances which are a deliete hearing. Since then for that in some way we identify with teaching deserves a visit his University College is equipped with physics laboratories, rooms of practices with the school of veterinary medicine and anatomy. It is said, that in times of Don Philip, Don Fernando and the Minister Du Tillot (second half of the 18th century), the city, called Little Italy Athens, will be the fate of European intellectuals Condillac, Millot, Paciaudi, Frugoni, Manara, Mazza, of Castione Rezzonico.

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