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Theology Religion

November 18, 2018 in News Tags:

Since the passed year, the course comes being given in the campus of Cambridge, in Massachusetts, for psychologist Omar Sultan Haque, who investigates diverse questions on the subject. Why the religion exists in all the cultures? The religion becomes the people most cooperative? The religion was a behavior molded for the natural election during the evolution human being? These and other questions — for which science not yet has a definitive reply — they are in the resume of disciplines, that it has attracted each time more pupils. The program of the course, however, soon brings an acknowledgment in the first page: ' ' We are not studying if the religion has true or false premises, if we must believe practical-la&#039 it or; '. According to dr. Haque, diverse pupils finish looking the first course as comfort form spiritual and later as instrument to produce science. ' ' Many of them are intelligent students, but they are young inexperienced and they are humanos' ' , the psychologist says.

' ' For many people, the differences between psychology of the religion and philosophy of the religion are not so obvias.' ' During the course, the professor explains the pupils who the questions of psychology on religion do not have to see with the existence or inexistence of God. ' ' An atheist can read something on psychology of the religion and to think: ' Then he is therefore that those religious donkeys believe this '. A person testa can think: ' Then God projected in them in this way so that let us can perceive its presena' ' ' , exemplifica Haque. ' ' The psychology of the religion, however, does not have reply for isso.' ' According to scientist, many people interested in theology or philosophy of the religion also have curiosity in on psychological aspects to the subject, but the dialogue enters these fields of the knowledge has not been so intense how much it could. Harvard, for example, shelters a college of Theology, the Divinity School, where pupils have contact with a infinity of on subjects to the religion. The students who if register the lessons of dr. Haque, is cliente of that they cannot use to advantage the credits in its resumes.

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