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School Itineraries

March 5, 2015 in News Tags:

At the school Ways of Saber, in the City of Ortigueira with the modality of Infantile Education and 1 and 2 cycles 172 educandos. Itinerante school, in the City of Amapor with the modality of Infantile Education and 1 and 2 cycles with 42 educandos. In 2007 had the difficulty of accompaniment of the School Base, the State secretary of the Education of the Paran creates one another School Base in City of Querncia of the North, the northwest of the state. Thus the Iraci College starts to answer legally for six Itinerantes Schools, as picture below: Name of the Itinerantes Schools Infantile Education Basic Education Average Education Encampment City 1 and 2 CBA 5 to 8 series School Itinerante the Itinerantes Schools offers to the basic education of 1 to 5 year the children and adolescents of the camped communities. Important factor in the Itinerantes Schools is that they are agricultural schools.

Being that these schools constitute of contents, methodology, didactics, faculty, that is, have its proper organization. This form of organization is one of the forms existing of formal education, and it have its especificidade, therefore it considers the campesina reality, and that is factor of extreme importance, therefore it tells to a type of that almost exclusive education the people who belong to the field. The education of the field is not questioned by the society in general, but for one it parcels out of the society, the social movements demand an education directed toward the people of the field, therefore we say that we are rescrevendo the culture of the field, that for much time was forgotten.

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