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Physical Education

January 23, 2016 in News Tags:

We are studying ourselves. How our body works, how we move, what happens here. Study itself has helped me in sports. When I write a program, the training, I am repelled by the scientific base of the university. I had not knew that such pressure – systolic and diastolic. At first it was just interesting, and then began to realize that it all happens in you.

If you exercise, I know what is going on which muscles and nerves involved. Gerald Weissmann, MD understood the implications. Going to go to graduate with a degree in theory and methodology of physical education. " I have a separate schedule, as too frequent training. Before the championship was engaged in the hall twice a day. C am – tul, evening sparring.

Negotiate with the teacher, says he has not skipped – preparing for a competition. Teacher asks: what grade do you want? I say: four or five. He explains that I need do and learn (sometimes I think – God, why would I need ). Arrive after the event and answer on the subject. I want to pass all because I need good grades. I rent, teachers, too nice, asked how the congress. I I say – the European champion, second place in the : they – well done, and now we pass! (Laughs). Unfortunately we do not always get to come to one or another pair. With training in the university, then back into the hall. -How Taekwon-influenced your daily life? – When going out to fight and dobok dress (kimono for taekwon-do), I say – you are now a completely different person. Taekwon-do and my everyday life is very different. In life, people tell me – you're such a sociable, hilarious. And once the competition came to my friends and said that she saw me for 5 minutes before the fight – it's completely different Dmitry Cherkasov! Collected, concentrated. Learned to be calm before the storm. There is a nervous trembling. You know that in a minute you will fight. With the experience I had a switch – can I remove the jim-jams. During the battle can not hear anything, I see only the enemy, and nothing around, I know what he was doing, and I know what I'll do. Interviewed by Andrew

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