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Pension Fund

August 3, 2015 in News Tags:

But honestly, I do not see much prospect for a small wine-growing. In America continues the process of consolidation of firms, the extinction or, at best, mergers of small farms, the absorption by large companies of small producers. Tax charm is best to register your own vineyards in the form of private agricultural enterprise. In addition, that the procedure of its creation is the most simple and painless, such entrepreneurs also enjoy privileges in taxation. Of the existing 38 taxes and charges Private agricultural enterprise shall be exempt from 11.

The most weighty of these eleven: income tax deductions to the Pension Fund, redundant vat, which is subsequently sent to the development of the economy. True, the action of these benefits provided before 2004, but most farmers believe that this regime will be extended, unless, of course, by the time the tax system in Ukraine will not become less savage. How much zemlitsy Now, due to the agrarian reform, all agricultural land raspaevany and represent private ownership of former collective farm. While the sale of allotments is not completely resolved, and case law buying land is extremely scarce. Yes novice businessman and there is no reason to buy land under his vineyard: all modern winegrowing agricultural enterprises simply rent black soil, loess and loam from their employees. Rent a few units of land – the problem is small. Today, everywhere you can find quite suitable for cultivation of abandoned areas, the owners are willing to surrender them. But the rush to the first available 'klaptik' zemlitsy is not: if search, you can save considerable money.

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