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Martin Luther King

October 28, 2016 in News Tags:

History tells to the life of the black diver Carl Brashear in the deceased American Navy in 27 of July of 2006, that in 1966 it lost one of the legs in service of the American Navy and became man who demonstrated what he is really to want to win all the obtstculos. Thus, the history told in the film if points out in years 40, when Carl interpreted for Cuba Gooding Jr, leaves its father, humble farmer, dreaming in being somebody in the American navy. The personage promises to the father to become diver, however, in the ship she discovers that the blacks are not chosen for functions beyond the work in the kitchen of the ship and that sea banns only are allowed the mondays. The personage, therefore, passes in the film corresponding period the time where racism and segregation were marcantes in the United States and period where people as Martin Luther King fought for equality of rights. Opposing the customs of the navy, the personage Carl in schedule is of the definitive one, aiming at to show to the superiors who can be a good swimmer. Being imprisoned, it obtains by means of the aid of captain vacant Pullman of marine life-guard, but its desire is bigger. Passing two years trying and suffering the most different types of prejudiced attitudes, Carl obtains to arrive at a school of diving commanded for Leslie Sunday, interpreted for Robert De Niro, whose personage had total fictitious creation, of form to congregate in an only person, individuals that in the life of Carl, had brought suffering in its military career. In this which had school, the preconception in the first day of lodging, Carl enters and finishes being alone, therefore all the conscripts as white if they deny to only share with it the same dormitory, being in the dormitory a friend, a shy and stammering youngster called Snowhill.

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