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Long Distance Education

February 7, 2016 in News Tags:

The long-distance education (EAD) allows, from didactic resources, auto-learning. It is a democratic form of education, therefore it makes possible the study without leaving house. Ideal for that they live in distant places, works in alternative schedules, it does not have time or possess necessities special, and is possible by means of the o access the Internet, a computer, and clearly, it disciplines. The process is well simple, the substances are available in the site of the course for who make its registration and also occur lessons online, professors are to the disposal to take off doubts, beyond having tests and act of receiving of certified in the end of the course. However, the majority of the courses online also is paid, however accessible, without substituting the actual education, being only one new possibility of education. It has a variety of areas that have available courses online, valley to the penalty to confer cost x benefit of the courses, the quality of the system of available education (duration, number of lessons, methodology, etc.), beyond the curricular grating. To study in the distance can have many advantages, but she is necessary to be intent to that it can influence in the quality of chosen education so that the course online either the most adjusted.

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