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LDB Formation

September 3, 2018 in News Tags:

Defined the principles in relation to the formation of the professors, LDB 9394/96 comes to be worried in the following article about the institutions that will go to offer to the professors an initial formation. Art. 62 – The formation of professors to act in the basic education will become in superior level, in licenciatura course, of full graduation, in superior universidades and justinian codes of education, admitted, as minimum formation for the exercise of the teaching in the infantile education and the four first series of basic education, offered in average level, the Normal modality. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Linklater. The LDB leaves well clearly regarding the formadoras institutions of professors, in superior level, to act in the basic education. It will have then two solutions for this formation; one is the courses offered for the universities in the licenciatura courses. to another one is the formation given in superior justinian codes of education. What we can unfasten of the reading of Art. 62 is that it distinguishes the formations.

Where the creation of the superior justinian codes does not enter in conflict with the university institutions, that are the detentoras institutions of an experience accumulated in the formation of the professors in basic education. Many times in education, the isolated justinian codes are not worried about systematics nor with the titulao of its professionals. Then he is in this direction that if searchs a change in the constitution. Therefore we can consider that these isolated institutions had not had projects exclusively directed toward formations of professors. Exactly that in many universities also it does not have adjusted conditions, the objectives are come back toward a good formation. Exactly that it does not reach the 100%, searchs for improvements to each day. the isolated justinian codes, in its majority, do not possess good libraries, the professors are improvised, then it finishes being an improvised education.

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