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Know Knowledge

January 13, 2019 in News Tags: ,

This layer can be called metalogical unity. We have not one, but like two knowledge: abstract knowledge of the subject, expressed in the judgments and concepts, knowledge always a secondary order, and direct insight into his subject metalogical integrity – primary knowledge, which was founded and from which it follows abstract knowledge. This initial knowledge is expressed by us in the know secondary, abstract, and in this sense be expressed in concepts and judgments. Between primary and secondary knowledge there is no logical relation of identity, and is effective only attitude that can be called "metalogical matching" or "similarity" and which, like any similarity suggests also a "difference". No logical difference in content, which is possible only in case of error, ie, false statements, and "metalogical diversity." Thereby just what is the source and the first principle of all our knowledge, by itself, in its own being is something inconceivable not because of the weakness or limitations of our cognitive abilities, but by its very merits. Reality in its metalogical unity, not incomprehensible in the sense that it would have been available to us, however, all knowledge emanates from her and treats her, and it is given to us in the know, but she is incomprehensible. Principle certainty and thus rationality constitute the material world. The principle of transcendence defines transcending the material world, beyond the rational, the scope transratsionalnogo, the scope of incomprehensible. But transcendence is impossible to achieve anything out of the sphere itself transratsionalnogo, transcendent. It's just a process of awareness of the transcendental, as if the border.

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