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Hotel Management

June 10, 2014 in News Tags: ,

– What is the duration of the program, what charges and what is included in the price? – What levels of education and what course meets the objectives of your career? – What is problem with accommodation, is there room TV, Internet access, individual or general common areas, is there a bathroom? – What infrastructure in the school? Is there a gym, fitness center, restaurant, video room? There is a very many questions. Nevertheless, there is a site that helps you find and choose the best hotel management institutes to start, a truly successful career in the tourism industry. (BSHS) is a free, neutral portal, which compares more than 90 criteria, 9 of the best Swiss hotel management institutions. The information provided is BSHS bespristrastnoy.Tam only detailed facts, without the intervention of agents, that represent other institutions and will try to sell you a particular course. The site is easy to navigate and information is structured in tables of comparison, rates, prices, admission requirements, registration dates, infrastructure, and many others.

Page of frequently asked questions and answers are extremely useful, and also answers questions about everything you need to know about studying in one of nine institutions. You can contact us at any particular matter which may arise. BSHS help with the procedure for entry into one of its institutions, and the possibility to study in Switzerland. All forms and forms are available on the website. Of forms for kandidatstvane to forms for applying for a visa. When you sign up for one of these institutions through the website BSHS, you will receive a partial sponsorship for the first course (except for the EHL). I can not wait to take a look with the best institutions in Switzerland.

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