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Good Versus Bad Teachers

September 22, 2014 in News Tags:

Student and his parents can be difficult to identify bad in front of them or a good teacher. Most often, the measure of 'quality' teachers are low cost classes, close location and recommendations friends. These criteria are certainly very important, but do not have absolutely nothing to do with the professionalism of teachers. After the first introduction is virtually impossible to understand, in whose hands you, and what knowledge your teacher can give you (and will if at all). But after a few lessons, and sometimes on the ground, may find the facts that should alert you. Here they are: 1. Your teacher is often distracted from the theme sessions.

Leads talk about abstract topics: asks about your parents, relatives, their work, and so says about himself, his life, work colleagues, relatives, etc. Shows off his erudition, broad-minded or experiences – in detail tells about some cases which, of course, can be exciting, but you do not pay for it and taking the time to not do so. 2. Most of the classes you are working on their own. At the lesson, you should check the homework and get clear explanations and consolidate the new material. Yourself you are working exclusively at home.

Even if you have not completed for any reason, homework, teacher should not force you to do it in class or in the form of 'punishment' nor in the form of 'promotion'. 3. No progress. From lesson to lesson the teacher gives one and the same material.

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