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Financial Education

August 16, 2014 in News Tags:

Mexico is a country of contrasts. It has all the resources to become the leading power in the world, but most Mexicans do not know. Have entrepreneurs among the world’s rich but largely poor population. We have the world’s longest border with the world’s largest market, but more than a blessing, we consider it a curse. We have two large coastal marine riches, but let the Japanese come to exploit them instead of us. We have a world class, but those who most enjoy are the foreigners.

We also have 200 of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but those who know and love but those are foreigners. a Why so much poverty? a We are a poor country because we have been taught to be poor. We are poor because we had an education that promotes poverty without us noticing. We have had an education that teaches us to be employees, not entrepreneurs. Rather we have been tamed, rather than be educated. The type of education was a hindrance to development. This education is absent from the invitation to observe as direction for ourselves the reality we live. We are taught what to think, but we are not taught to think. Is privileged information rather than imagination and creativity, where it has not has the solutions to solve the major problems of the world and the second, we can help create them.

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