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Expertise From Seven Years Of PDF/A Compact On Seventeen Pages

May 27, 2014 in News Tags: ,

PDF Association’s brochure PDF/A compact 2.0 “out Berlin, April 16, 2013. The PDF Association now a new edition of PDF/A compact “provides. In this brochure, all essential information about PDF/A are structured prepares for a comprehensive introduction to the ISO standard. The completely updated edition offers basic knowledge also valuable information on the developments that go hand in hand with the standard parts of PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. You and others informed of PDF/A tools and strategies for the creation and validation of PDF/A.

re-recorded were also examples from all over the world, showing how users in business, administration, science and legislature of PDF/A can benefit. Interested parties can download the online version on 2013/03/pdfa Compact 2-0-online edition /? lang = de read and as a PDF. In addition, the brochure on events of the PDF Association or its members is distributed free of charge. Thomas Zellmann, Managing Director of PDF Association explains: with PDF/A compact 2.0′ an up-to-date brochure is now available, the readers a sound professional introduction to the topic, almost as a concentrate from seven years of PDF/A, offers. On this basis the reader can get a specifically may be required further detailed knowledge of our Association specialists.” PDF/a: Compact 2.0 “the experts will first introduce PDF/A ISO standard for long-term archiving and give an overview of its history. Then it goes into the technical details and the list reaches the reasons for the use of PDF/A here by the longevity of the format of its advantages in terms of compliance, for use with documents from science and research and the global use of information, platform independence, as well as advanced and full-text search capabilities.

The brochure also provides further practical added value for the collection of typical areas of application for PDF/A. Here has become the standard for many tasks proven. This includes not only the digitising of files and documents or the older formats to PDF/A archive migration.

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