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November 3, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Synchronization of clocks located at the ends of the rod, carried out by a light pulse, gives the result of the passage of time, the momentum distance AB is equal to AB / V. And if the rod is moving with velocity v relative to whatever the rest of the system, the result is equal to AB / (V + v), which, according to Einstein, and is proof that the simultaneity of the rest differs from the simultaneous movement. The error lies in the fact that if one considers only the two reference systems, and for the foreseeable space there are no other systems for which could be one of the these systems assume a stationary, in this case, we must recognize both systems equally, or moving, or equally at rest relative to each other, which excludes the effect of birth relativity of simultaneity. It does not take much imagination either, nor the mighty intellect to realize that Einstein's thought experiment has crept unfortunate mistake, which is sufficient for the recognition of the special theory of relativity is not fully adequate to the objective reality. Why is the theory, based on lies so unpretentious, clear, and many bugs, that's a hundred years living and gains confidence is not silly people. There are several reasons. One is that there is still no clear and unambiguous definitions for terms such as 'time', 'space', 'movement'. More than two thousand years Zenon ago, trying to draw the attention of researchers on the seriousness of this problem and created his famous aporia, which is nothing more than a formal logical contradictions, which formed on the basis of Zeno is not adequate definition of the objective reality of some concepts.

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