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Educational Management

November 23, 2015 in News

A day stop teaching and go … Richard Linklater is full of insight into the issues. this situation for years not settled yet reached their peak. I believe that this will come when the voices of teachers are heard and they are allowed to manage the schools from his role with a high degree of prominence. Currently the Argentine education system disintegrates in continuous deterioration, but the authorities remain the same mistakes since ancient times already. The schools operate with a high number of teachers in the plant operational, all underpaid, many with irrelevant features, high absenteeism and low levels of knowledge production. The general dissatisfaction of the parents has led to the massive choice of private schools, being forgotten the management of public schools as a means of social promotion in a national project subsumers not exclusive.

These poorly managed schools only produce high spending more convergent economic malaise in society. If teachers participate in the economic management of the budget annually for each of their schools and in this administration – more or less efficient-depending on their salaries, their proposal would be based ena the following: * Groups of fifteen students per teacher. It’s a matter of reorganizing the functional plants, leaving each school those teachers who provide educational service. By working with small groups, no more than fifteen students is an ideal number, it would lower the level of absenteeism, as the stress of teachers has its main cause in the care of large groups. This would bring economic benefits to the system. In the voices of teachers nests the solution to many problems of the education system, but schools are managed from pyramid of power domes which are anchored by educational authorities. I firmly believe in the efficient decisions of groups of teachers who just want an education system that is clean-contaminated, non-wage teachers without providing any service “thickening” the costs of the system with stressful structures work with groups of students in too many and the disappointment of not learning isolated the poorest social sectors rather than include them and bring them closer. a’m a teacher with a passion for the art of education and engaged in observing the teachers because they are the creators of educational quality in every society. I leave aside the titles because they do not replace or vocation or art placed in the office every day.

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