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Education Pitfalls Today

November 28, 2015 in News Tags:

Unfortunately, the level of education of our students each year is falling, and falls dramatically. More that a year or two ago seemed wild and today is no longer scary, and is considered the norm. Ignorance of the graduates of the elementary things inability to think logically relate events and actions – all of this, alas, today is our reality. The trouble is that most teachers are in the most simple and easy way. It’s no secret that the school is considered very good if, for example, in the exam in math most of its graduates well to cope with the tasks of the use part B and part C at the same time they can not solve at all.

That reduces training is to ensure that learning how to think for solving mathematical problems, and to ensure that work out at the level of conditioned reflexes, the ability to apply known algorithms to solve common tasks without hesitation. For I have no time to hurry to decide! In this situation, lost all sense of teaching mathematics at school. Still, in mathematics lessons children should learn to make inferences, to link cause and effect, to think logically. Mathematics is the only school subject at which are taught this. Today, many parents are genuinely concerned that their children, graduation, will have solid knowledge. Unfortunately, most likely it will be so.

What can we do to the school for 11 years, at least learn something, and not just mediocre to spend time carrying it behind the doors of the school? There is a way, it’s quite heavy, but all accessible. This self-study. And now for this, there are many possibilities. The same is the quality internet resources to help students learn new things and learn as they should, and not just learn the standard algorithms. There are also quite good books (no, not look for them among the new titles, it’s better to pay attention to Book 60 or even 30’s, which were written more for people!). That’s on them and should do. It is worth saying a few words about the tutor. Alas, most of them do, too, that the coach to solve standard problems instead of having to teach an understanding and logic. Therefore we should not blindly believe in what coach – a panacea. It takes a lot to do, and then the result will be achieved! Moreover, those who went to school myself, much easier to be in high school, and not they flee to the same to their tutors with a request to solve them have new, more complex, higher educational objectives!

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