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November 22, 2015 in News Tags:

Higher education in this country has a rich history based on its Oxford and Cambridge universities. Higher education in these universities qualify for guarantees of international level and, moreover, has the highest quality. If the Albion you will not attract, move on to Europe. Network of universities in Germany is the most extensive in Europe, all of them are the same quality and professional approach. You have every chance to maximize the level of language skills and begin brilliant career.

France. Sorbonne, think you are. Yes, it is the oldest university in France, education is considered the most prestigious in Europe. David G. DeWalt contributes greatly to this topic. Transported to America. The most famous university – Harvard. Here seeks to fly world, here are practicing traditional methods of learning and innovation characteristic of American civilization as a whole. Diplomas are quoted throughout the world, not counting the fact that Harvard education received 6 Presidents of the usa.

Let's not forget Canada, where education is considered one of the best in the world. Historically, that Canada has a long experience of teaching English and French as a foreign language. On Education in Canada spends more than any other power "Big Eight". As a result, Canada has become the world record for the number of students per 100,000 inhabitants. If that is not enough, do not leave without attention to Australia and New Zealand. These beautiful countries in the Southern Hemisphere, with great nature and friendly population, yet no one left untouched. The arsenal is and Malaysia, which is becoming more widely international recognition as a country providing excellent opportunities for higher education and scientific degrees. One of the best reasons that contribute to the choice of Malaysia as a place of study is relatively low cost of living. We would like to mention the Czech Republic. It welcomes foreign students, guaranteeing them free higher education, and outstanding quality of education. Free education is guaranteed, provided a good knowledge of Czech language. This is not a complete list of countries where we can apply our strength and effort. The choice depends on your seriousness, ambition and ability. That still need to know? And what a course at the bachelor's degree in any foreign university is 3 to 4 years. After the next bachelor degree – master's degree. Masters and postgraduate programs are presented in all universities of the world outside Depending on the territorial status. Master's programs last between one and a half years to two years and allow for obtaining a diploma to do research work at the university. Higher education abroad has become closer. If you purposeful, active and serious, have a desire to evolve and improve, the company Global Study is pleased to offer you services in educational consulting. By contacting us you will receive comprehensive information, complete package of necessary documents and will be able to come to grips with the embodiment of the dream of higher education

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