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Derkra College

May 21, 2013 in News Tags:

-Accept barter, if you need to buy something and you do not have sufficient cashflow, you can give something if you have your product or service, the same happens to other companies, perhaps the money this little but there is always something with that market; information and knowledge is also another factor which can make a barter. -Focus efforts on which already is usual or customer in one that you detect that you can then buy if you give motivation adequate, as discount, payment in installments plans, products associated free, a differentiated service, etc. – training free, perhaps your prospects are without much to do in their offices, can invite them a free training course, in which obviously trataras them as Kings in order to brainwash them and persuade them of the need for your services. -Do not compromise or sacrifice profit margin, instead make the buyer feel it runs no risk of losing money, first you do the work and then cobras, without progress, without surcharges and discounts; first the client is satisfied with your work and then pays you. Ever heard the advice from a professional seller who told you their secret of success, you recommended: – always be honest with the customer to earn his trust – to know the product and know very well the benefits that has – not to speak ill of the competition, does not consider its existence – have a speech where thrown out all the advantages of our product, etc. Another error that is usually commit is to focus on these points, i.e., any good seller goes has comment frankly how wonderful that your product is going to be polite with your prospect and avoid at all costs speak ill of their competitors, these days almost nobody falls already so easy. As we practice in my workshops with Derkra College, if we can make our prospectus to create a mental image of himself using our product or service, visualizing himself their particular benefit (and not common or general benefits), imagining and enjoying something that has not yet but we can help you get if you decide, we will then have one greater winning chance.

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