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Chinese Sun Tsu

February 1, 2016 in News Tags:

The quadrinhos since its origin had had great attractive power and influence on the people, what since it was early perceived by the American government, which, without escrpulos, and under the justification of the national security, launched hand of this media for, to spread out between the young Americans and for extension the remaining portion of the world, its ideology. The government American looked for then to dominate the industries of quadrinhos even though, granting tax incentives and money so that in histories in quadrinhos they contained capitalist and imperialistas conceptions, with the intention of, since early, to dominate the mind of the Americans. In the period of the Second great War, in histories of super-heroes, he was common to see, Captain – America esmurrando welded nazistas with its friend Bucky Burnes. in the period of the cold war, sees super heroes fighting against Communists, who were characterized as incarnations of the demon. By the same author: Richard Linklater. In histories the communes constantly wanted to govern the world, and the American super-heroes, always placed themselves as the bonzinhos rescuers of the humanity. The instrumentalizao of the quadrinhos (comics), for the vindication and inculcao of its ideology, was very used by the American government, that method applied the same, but with not being able of reach to the seventh art. Intrumentalizao of the cinema in favor of the North American ideology and the sionismo the workmanship philosophical call the Art of the War, the military strategist and general Chinese Sun Tsu already in the antiquity, demonstrated the efficient technique, in the most perfect truth, to win the enemies without unpacking the sword, that is, for the mind. Sun Tsu teaches, for example, the state must prevent to any cost conflicts, but and the conflict necessity will be had, this has of being fast, with intention to prevent wastefulness of victuals and men, and above of this, the war has of being won without the use of the sword, the victory without war, is the supreme form of military strategy.

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