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Beautiful Beer Garden Looking For

June 7, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Beautiful beer garden looking for? With public viewing, favorite beer, playground, live music, self service… Who has not ever seen it – a beautiful day in a great beer garden, good beer, a delicious snack while in the company of nice people. What can be more beautiful BBs? But often you know just one or maybe just still a second beer garden, you can recommend in good conscience. Sometimes diminishes the quality of a beer garden, or you want to just try something else. A self-proclaimed friend of the beer garden has made exactly this thought as he sat in the spring of 2010 in a beer garden and enjoy his first level beer in glorious sunshine… A related site: Richard Linklater mentions similar findings. But this time it was different: the first measure poorly presented, the operation was also already even friendlier and ever, why always the same beer…? Unfortunately the search turned out to be then after a good “alternative beer garden”, which could be called even an insider tip, harder than you think.

While there are on the Internet of a tremendous wealth of information from search engines, but just this amount of results to leisure, gastronomy etc slays one formally. An offer that is tailored exactly to the needs of “where I can find a beer garden where I get my favorite beer, which offers delicious food and public viewing, is located the beautiful child-friendly, low-cost, popular and is still an insider tip…” was simply not to be found. What could be more natural than to call its own Internet platform on the topic of “Beer garden” in life, where you will find it easy! To have an idea, one was the implementation, the other. From the idea to the finished page! Not so easy when you come from a completely different industry and with programming has nothing at all to the hat. But since the idea first had set itself firmly in the head of the loyal friend of the beer garden, she had to be implemented – at any cost what it may.

Exactly what did it then first – cost, time and money! By a happy coincidence, he found Beer friend a great programmer, who was infected by the euphoria and programming the side almost to the cost helped with (supposedly a life free of charge in the beer garden was him promised – a programmer just…) A cartoonist for several media came by chance who liked the idea and that has helped to illustrate the page – just as the beer friend had imagined it lovingly. Now it has as beer lovers the possibility of nationwide under currently to locate approximately 350 beer gardens the suitable – depending on the preferences (is required a playground, you want to bring his own lunch, the situation is critical, you want to the public viewing or you want live music, etc.). After the visit to beer garden you can vote to the beer garden – positive or negative, just as BBs was just! If you want to be free member of friends of the beer garden. Then you additionally have the possibilities to enter new beer gardens, to set up meetings, to date, with friends Upload photos, etc. On in the beer garden – cheers! Thomas Glocker

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