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Anonymous Interview

August 13, 2019 in News Tags:

One of the interviews, particularly, demonstrates the vision that the people have regarding the influence of the context cultural partner in the formation of the individuals. Let us see the stretch that follows: I do not have bag. I have thus this souvenir of party of anniversary of my infancy Wonderful. But I find that today everything is excessively. Everything is to over. You do not need to call a clown, a magician, one you polish you polish, to spend five or six a thousand Reals. I find legal to organize the parties of the children.

I find the children legal to be together. I find this thing of the children legal if to find and such. But, I find excessively. He is to over, to over excessively. (Anonymous Interview, I CASTRATE (org.), 1999, p.180) In this in case that, the interviewed one sees the generation of ‘ ‘ over’ ‘ as one I exaggerate, although to recognize the importance of the experience social of the small ones.

Being thus, according to this perspective, the technology would be a external instrument of regulation of the behavior. We know that it has, at the time current, saturated of communication, almost that an obsession in relation to the proper territory, what it marks the difference, that is, the proper, separate identity. According to Vygotsky, the process unchained in half cultural determined one (learning) goes to awake the internal processes of development in the individual. Thus, the development does not occur in the lack of situations that propitiate a learning. As it standes out I water (2000, p.59) these characteristic human beings provide the conception of the development as process. ‘ ‘ The development closely is related to the sociocultural context where the person if inserts and if she processes of dynamic form (and dialectic) through 4 ruptures and provoked disequilibria of continuous reorganizaes on the part of indivduo.’ ‘ The individual development if of the one in a determined social environment and relation with the other, in the diverse spheres and levels of activity human being, is essential for the process of construction of the individual psychological being.

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